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Does anyone still use Androsol?

Just wondering if anyone still uses this product regularly now that Mag-10 is out. I have one bottle and consider using it for a two week Steriod Dieting plan. Any thoughts?

Many of us still use androsol at 35-70 sprays in the AM during cutting cycles to help preserve strength and lean body mass. At lower dosages and AM applications only many of us have stayed on for 6-8 weeks or longer during dieting.

I still like it for dieting, 35 to 70 sprays morning-only for 4 weeks. I think Mag-10 may be too powerful to use for 4 weeks. When going for mass, I’d go for MAG-10. It cost more but then again you get twice the results.

It’s an economical product to use while dieting; if you got a bottle left, then go for it.