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Does Anyone Remember This Specific Thread?

It was a TRT log that went on for years. And at the end the guy, found out his gf was cheating on him with someone who had more muscles. So he pumped himself full of Test at a crazy dose, yelled at his boss at work, got fired, then quit cold turkey? It was a dark, dark end.

No, but I am certainly intrigued and would read it if anyone can find it

Nope, but sounds epic!

Nice. Always good to see a wholesome story of responsible use of medicine. I would love to see the advice he was given by the smartass users on the site: “just sleep with her friend and walk away man.”


Nah, it would’ve been the more targeted bit of advice, “PIIHP”, win!



Put a GPS Unit In Her/His Pooper and Try Hitting It or


Just maybe not on a Wednesday.

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Anyone have any suggestions?? Would be interested in finding it… Some light reading due to the lockdown…