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Does Anyone Puke From a Workout?

I must say, I’ve trained for over 20 years (sometimes on and off). I’ve squated 455 pounds (not great I know), had 25 set leg days, done widowmakers, heavy deadlifts but I’ve can say I’ve never puked directly from a workout.

Lately, with articles I’ve read, we’re made to feel if leg day doesn’t make you call the dinosaur, then you haven’t placed enough intensity into it. I’m certainly not obseesed with the idea, nor am I fond of the thought of tossing my cookies in the power rack after 20 rep squats. Does anyone regularly do this??

I wouldnt I regularly puke but there have definitely been times after a max squat or dead day that i did puke. Sometimes i get light headed and dizzy but dont puke. I think it all depends on the person.

I’ve come close, but never have. 455lbs squat ATG is pretty impressive, man so get outta here with that “not great” nonsense. It would seem to me that if your legs are constantly getting bigger and stronger every workout that you are probably doing something right. Personally if I had to look forward to puking after every leg workout, I’d never do legs.

I workout in my carport without any kind of air conditioning and most of the time very little air movement. During these summer months in GA it is 78-80 degress at 7:00 am with high humidity. Any kind of squat will challage my coffee filled stomach and 48 yr old heart. But no vomiting yet, maybe a few episodes of dry heaves.

Whenever I take more than a week off and come back and slam it with full intensity,
I feel like puking so I stop and take a few minutes to get myself back to normal. I don’t like
the idea of puking in the gym. I’ve never puked directly from a workout though.

The first time I did a lactate inducing workout I came close puking. It just stayed in my mouth and I swallowed it back

I have once. Only water came out though…


Prowler workouts I’ve come really close.

I really think all this puking nonsense is just some “hardcore” crap that people like to make up. In all my years of lifting and being run into the ground during sports I have never puked and I don’t consider anything I do lacking in intensity.

I never have from a workout. On some leg days I’ve come close, and felt lightheaded and dizzy though.

I would say that puking is definately not what you’d want from a workout, but it definately happens from time to time if you’re training with absolute intensity and pushing your lactic acid threshold. Generally it’s just the bodies response toward high levels of acidity in the blood.

If you get to the point where the lactic acid builds up in your system and your buffering capacity of bicarbonate ions in the blood can’t handle it all you’ll get nauseated. Sometimes this just has to do with intensity of the exercise, sometimes it has to do with conditioning as well.

I’ve managed to get close to vomiting many times during intense training. Generally in super high volume workouts like 100’s, high rep squats, supersets of heavy compound movements or working out in an overly hot and humid environment. But you know what, I would train legs even if I did vomit everytime, because I love training legs so much.

I’ve come close, but only because the gym was 1,000 degrees (It was 100+ outside, plus Michigan humidity) one summer during a leg day.

Other than that, no.

And anyone who says “you’re not hardcore unless you puke” is a toolbag.

I have a few times.

But usually it’s because I drank a fuckload of water or ate heavy before lifting.
Or I just went from set to set to set and got so exhausted. A few times at the gym and once when I was picking up food at the market. lol That sucked.

No I never came close to even feeling like I wanted to puke. I like doing light workouts.

Puking causes the loss of precious calories … anyone who supports puking while working out is most likely bulimic

Yep ive pucked several times from workouts. Always when ive changed to higher rep programs as my conditioning has always sucked. Ive pucked after a chest a shoulder routine ( make it 2 toilet then power spew) thwn go finish workout. Ive done it after legs 10x10 and ive done it after deads. Currently in week 2 of GVT so im realy pushing my envelope.

I’ve felt light headed before, but never came close to puking.

Yes, every conditioning workout, almost every squat and dead lift workout. If I do a workout to change things up were it involves a lot of volume I puke.

I have puked a few times, squats normally being the culprit.

I will point out that if anyone actually believes this makes them or their workouts hardcore, they are stupid. It is not a glorious thing (although it can be fun projectile vomiting red Gatorade in front of cardio bunnies).

The only thing that has made me almost puke is wrestling. Other than that I haven’t ever really felt the urge to throw up