Does Anyone Preload Syringes?

Maybe 2 weeks in advance … if you inject 2 or 3 times a week . Anyone preload 4-6 syringes ?

Normally. But I also just buy several months worth at a time OTC where I am because I hate going on errands like that.

27ga 1/2" sub Q takes all of 30 seconds to load and shoot 3 times a week.

It comes in glass vials here. 250 mg in 2 mL. It’s not even for the dosing and I have to empty the vial once it’s open. Easier to sit down and do several vials at once and then put everything in the drawer waiting.

Oh man, I had no idea. Sorry.
Preload once the vial is opened is all you got.
Kind of scary I have heard the rubber can swell if exposed to the oil for too long.

I think that the glass vials are common outside of the US. It’s has not presented any issues so far. I use the 23 gauge or whatever comes in the box to empty the vials and then I load the insulin needles from it. No dull needle for injecting that way and no issues with any syringes so far.

Well , after researching a lot and hearing that it will take forever to load the smaller insulin needles and inject … I tried it anyways today .

29 gauge 1/2 inch .5ml syringe .

Loaded and injected 40 mg in prob under a minute with alcohol pad cleaning etc , and felt zero pain what so ever !!! Actually looking forward to Saturday , and Monday . I’m gonna inject 40 mg 3 times a week for 120mg of test e 250mg/ml . This was my first injection ever , lost my virginity ha .

Only when I travel, then just enough to keep my schedule on track

Next time I order syringes I am getting something bigger than 30 gauge. Those are a PIA to fill. I have been timing it, and it takes 4 minutes just to fill.

27 is probably a good size.

How much are u putting in ??

0.25 mL. It takes forever. Maybe my Test C is extra thick?

Yes I did when injecting. Saves tons of time… smart

27 or lower is best. Anything beyond 27 is hell. Correct sir.

I must be on the lucky side , extracted it fairly easy and pinned in stomach , I’m 6’2 240 -245 so I got some meat in the belly to pin but needle went in super easy no pain and actual test e oil .16 ml or 40mg less than 30 secs to inject full dose . I’m a happy camper being this was my first time .

Studied and researched many vids , articles etc but this forum really helped me out a lot !!!

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