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Does Anyone Know!!!!


Does anyone know!!!!

All I have is insulin darts and I can?t use them for winny?.

I heard that if you go to a pharmacy and say that you are a drug addict and need clean needles, they have to give you some?

I was wondering if you guys know if this is true or some gym bullshit.

Thank you much for you help.


Bro, just go in and ask the pharmacist. Generally their not got to call the narcs and just tell you yes or no. The most you'll face is a little embarresment if they say no.

There was a pharmacy in my hometown that guys who were juicen would go to. They would give you twenty pins at a time what ever gauge you asked for and not blink an eye.


I've heard of such legislation being proposed, but I don't know if or where it passed.


My bad, not give you, but it was cheap like four or five dollars per twenty.


Two things. Needles are not controlled and you cannot get in trouble for asking, but the can say no. Also you can drink injectable winney and get it orally just like pills.


you can drink injectable winny, but the bio-availability is less when ingested versus injected.

go to the pharmacy and get some pins.....or order them online...there are many websites which provide pins for reasonable prices.


hmm. They must have 'wondered' at the influx of big, muscular druggies. lol


Just order them on the internet - there are lots of places willing to sell you them no questions asked - just do an internet search.


Dude I gave this advice to another fellow lifter. This sounds lame, but you sound like you are willing to be embarrased. go to Home Depot or a Big Pet store. Tell the cashier or whomever that you have a diabetic dog or horse. They will sell you cheap ass darts. It works, trust me.


What state do you live in? Whether or not needles are available is State dependent.

Edgecrusher: In NJ, legislation for pharmacies to sell needles w/o prescriptions has passed in the lower house, but not in the upper house. This has been a debated issue (as well as needle exchanges) in the NJ Legislature.