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Does Anyone Know What's Going on?


Ive been eating right for quite sometime now, and im in the gym 6 days a week. I feel like crap bloted and tired all the time, had blood work done im 100% good that way. i didnt feel this way when i ate junk and didnt work out, someone help might anyone know whats going on, has anyone had this?


Could be a food intolerance issue? Are you consuming any particular foods in high amounts- possibly wheat or lactose? What would a typical day's diet look like?


you could be a tad over trained.


You could be under-recovering (because i hate 'overtraining but thats another rant) are you sleeping well? when did you last deload?

Also watermelon has a point, when i started drinking ground oat daily i had this, something just didnt agree with me.


Maybe you didn't post nearly enough information for anyone to give even an educated guess at your issue?


What the hell.

Is this "guess my ailment"? Who gets to host the show?

I really think we should shout out more random guesses instead of asking for more info from the poster.


Ssh... we're trying to sound important.

If we determine he needs a tooth pulled, we will page you, good sir.

Until then, we will start treatment for lupus. I'm going in rectally.


Aren't people kinda already?? lol...someone's already talking about drinking ground oats.


Grinding your oats in a blender is 267% more anabolic than chewing them.


Yea, but given a thorough read over of the OP, you'll realize that the OP most definitely has an avenin allergy...so oats are a no go. Plus, dry oats will only aggravate his hemorrhoids.


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If you truly have cut out all the junk, try having some more sugar around your workout.

I'm not a big sweets fan and sometimes i get groggy and lazy, then i have a sugary snack and it picks me up a bit.

Of course, this is completely a guess considering the information given. But it's from personal experience so take it for what it's worth.


Post in the wrong thread mate?


How long have you been training?

6 days a week is a lot if you're new to this and haven't got your recovery dialled in.


Aah, good catch.

And here I was thinking he needed to add some more supplements to his stack.


also, are you familiar with reading blood work your self? a lot of times (min included) general practitioners dont know shit about testosterone and thyroid

i would request copies of the lab work if i were you. i was walking around like a zombie with low test and hypothyroidism for over a year before i knew it bc of a shitty doctor


No one asking if the OP is getting 8 hours of sleep each night and eating enough to fully recover?

Since we're guessing, feeling tired and bloated could mean the OP is pregnant.