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Does Anyone Know How to do a 'Continental'?


Well, I was reading a certain infamous fitness/weight training blog and I came across a technique for getting weights up to your shoulders known as the ‘continental’ as opposed to the ‘clean’. This is of great interest to me as I have a near-pathological obsession with getting weights overhead, but the description on the website wasn’t good enough for me to work out how to do them. Can anyone enlighten me, preferably with videos? This is of great interest to me as the relevant website seems to be suggesting that you can get more weight up to your shoulders with this method than you can with the clean, which seems like a really good thing to me as my lifting style is more of a ‘two hands anyhow overhead lift’ rather than a clean and press per se. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


Brian Alsruhe on YouTube has a couple of good videos of him doing them with a description though not a full guide. I’m sure he will make one in the future if someone asks.
Specifically this onehe talks about it around 2:45


Oh yeah. Great. Thanks for that :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it was my blog you read, but I went through a pretty intense 3 month training program to develop my continental. Using an axle over a barbell goes a long way.

Kalle Beck has a good video on it


Thanks very much.


In re: to the subject of this post, and without reading the actual post, answer is:

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