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Does Anyone Know a Good Program For...

A 6’2 160 pound sophmore who plays basketball(me) I play the Small Forward so I got to be kind of inbetween big and cut but I dont know any programs I should use.

Ive tryed looken at my coaches but it is terrible has everything being done 3X10 and no increases throughout the program.

I am looking for mon-fri and have no clue how to split up my body parts and stuff like chest and bics or shoulder and tris stuff like that. Any of your help would be greatly aprreciated Thank you very much

I would shoot Eric Cressey a PM on here, and check out his new book on off season training for athletes.

Id look at West Side for Skinny Bastards if I were you. Its tailored for the athelete looking to put on size and strength. That and I agree as well on the suggestion of Eric Cressey.

alright thank you very much