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Does Anyone Here Take Just HCG?

I am new to all of this and new to the lingo most
Of you use. I was chronically tired for years and finally a doctor tested my test and it was low. I’ve since been put on hcg and estrogen blockers. I have no choice but to trust my
Doctor for the time being. He orders blood tests every 3 months and we go from there. But from browsing this site I’ve seen a lot
Of doubters and new information.

Does anyone here take just hcg and blockers? How long have you been doing it? What have you noticed? I’ve heard mixed reviews on blockers but also have heard some people develop gyno if they don’t take them. Are there any specific questions I should be asking my doctor?

No members here are on HCG mono and estrogen blockers. Add to that you can’t affect E2 inside the testicles with AI’s, forcing you to lower the HCG dosage and decrease testosterone in the process.

You can’t optimize testosterone on HCG.

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What do you mean by optimize? E2 is estrogen? AIs are?

I have nothing to base this on but since I’ve been in it I’ve never been stronger in my life. And I am 32. This could be coincidence but I’ve felt like an absolute beast the last three months in the gym.

Sorry for the questions but, this is all new to me. I am doing as much research as I can right now.

Surprised you’re doing so well, most don’t do well on HCG mono.

Estrogen blockers are bad for estrogen (E2) metabolism and can cause osteoporosis if you take moderate doses frequently, this is what the studies are showing that has doctors reevaluating the use of AI’s.

TRT without AI’s is prefered (TRT+drug free), this way you don’t destroy estrogen metabolism and end up with osteoporosis in your youth, estrogen puts minerals in bone and you’re suppressing the whole natural process.

HCG mono isn’t prefered by hormone optimization doctors if large frequent dose AI’s are needed.

AI’s are aromatase inhibitors or estrogen blockers.

What’s your frequency and AI dosage?

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Twice a week. I do it Monday and Friday. Then I take the blockers every day.

My understanding is when you do trt your injecting test into your body, which stops
Your body from producing its own. If you ever stop taking the test, you body doesn’t recover and start reproducing it’s own again, where as hcg makes your body create its own test. If you stop, it will go back down to what you were naturally producing before you started. The goal was to just get me nee the top of the acceptable range (however last test I had 39 so I would assume next week when I see the doc he may lower my dosage. But it would still be twice a week)

Like I said. I feel like an animal and I feel like I am on steroids. I am lifting more than I’ve ever lifted. It’s crazy. I could be all
In my head bit I am literally beast mode right now.

Typically men who stop TRT see levels return to their previous pre-TRT levels. Men who are concern about fertility while on TRT add a small dose HCG to their TRT protocol to avoid desensitize the LH receptors.

Your only advantage on HCG is your HPTA isn’t shutdown, but high dose hCG can desensitize the LH receptors and damage the LH receptors.

What is your HCG and AI dosage?

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Hcg started at 0.5 for two weeks then I’ve been on 1.0cc/ml for the last 3 months. The ralo is hcl 60mg. We will discuss dosage next week during my check up I assume.

As a side note. My wife got pregnant while I was on this (planned but not the reason for the hcg).

HCG in mgs doesn’t compute, typical units is ui. An example 500iu, 500 iu twice weekly isn’t considered a high dose. You never want to inject more than 500 iu at a time.

I belive that full needle is 500iu

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