Does Anyone Have Issues With Insomnia During Weight Loss Phases?

I kind of already have sensitivities concerning my sleep schedule, (mostly things that disrupt sleeping patterns, sounds, TV noises, etc.) however I’ve been participating in the T-transformation challenge, and one of my goals involves some steady bit of weight loss. It wasn’t really noticeable at first for maybe a month or so, but now, and even after waking up quite early, carrying about with my day, working out, etc, I’ll find I stay up later and later it seems. I’m currently on leave from my job, and when working I work the late shift, so I have the opportunity to to sleep for as long as needed once I actually do go to sleep.

I’ve noticed this has happened a handful of other times when I start hitting a certain weight loss phase. I do realize it’s in part to the ratio of cortisol output, and while I do understand that the production of cortisol can’t be avoided entirely, and it’s much needed concerning metabolic functions, I was just wondering if this happens to others? I can definitely see it happening in individuals who are absolutely shredded or diced to the gills.

It isn’t something that causes a lot of concern. Most times I’ll go to sleep with a bit more effort concerning being patient and winding down, but some nights I’ll just be…up and awake. I usually will just lay still and focus on my breathing, or get up and wander the house for maybe half hour and then lay back down and fall asleep. Nothing along the lines of high strung, per say, but also not knocking out effortlessly at my usual times, and apart from my own personal bedtime routine, de-stress, un-plug, meditation, things I do to aid in going to sleep, etc.

I do speculate that maybe I’ve either cut the next bit of calories a bit too much, or too quickly. At the start I only slashed off 3-400 give or take, around early Feb, and gradually decreased from there. I try to keep it around 1-200 increments.

It would be hard to say that I don’t as I respond to the topic at 2:49 am, and fix myself some garlic toast and milk so that I can sleep.

When I restrict carbs it becomes a real problem. I’m not even “cutting” by any stretch of the term, just trying to trim down a bit.

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Definitely same. Haven’t cut carbs out at all, just overall calories.

Towards the end of really rough contest cuts I’ve had sleep problems… I would usually add some extra minerals or herbal sleep aids before bed, but sometimes just shifting some of my daily carbs later in the evening helped as well.


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At my leanest, I couldn’t sleep past about 0200. Which resulted in me doing a LOT of fasted early morning walking…which most likely contributed to me getting leaner and sleeping worse.

I started implementing a mandatory super high fat meal right before sleep to keep me satiated. It helped, but ultimately putting back on some body fat was the key.

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I can’t nap, but sleep is fine 90% of the nights. I still have quite a lot of carbs though (250)

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Yeah. Last year it got to the point one day during a fat loss phase that for a little while I could not sleep for more than four hours per night. Starchy carbs at night help, but the deficit itself still plays a role.

Naps turn into full blown sleep cycles for me lol

Funny, 2 AM for me too. Although I was ending up going to the gym at like 3 or 3:30 on training days.

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I’ve heard from reliable sources that the drop in blood sugar from lower carbs can affect sleep.

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Anecdotally might Make sense… carbs Pre-bed always help me sleep



Carbs in the evening is the key.

For a while I was trying to lose weight by not eating at night. I was having trouble sleeping so my doctor said to take these stupid pills. The pills made me feel like crap. My wife thought about it and figured out my stomach was churning from to much acid build up. Started eating stuff at bed time and started sleeping better right off!

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I don’t sleep well hungry so I make sure my dinner is close to bed time. helps that my workout are usually 7pm-8pm ish then dinner after that usually in bed my 9pm-10pm