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Does Anyone Have Experience Adding Deca to TRT?

Does anyone have experience with adding 100mg deca per week to there TRT,
If so how was the benefits and side effects?

I’m thinking of doing it but worried about my serotonin levels getting messed up as Iv heard deca can do this,

Yes and … I wouldn’t. For starters it has no place along side TRT and absolutely no positive benefit to your long term health. That aside I experienced libido issues and noticeable mental health issues while on it. I was prescribed 150mg/wk with my TRT dose.

Ok sounds exactly like the things I’m worried about,
I was thinking at such low dose I might be able to get away with it, but if you felt negative mental sides at 150 a week, that says it all,

Just don’t, there’s so many other options, no need to mess with 19-nors

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Yeah your right,

What about HGH ?

For collagen synthesis and a extra little kick

Super expensive for what it does. I run MK-677 for similar reasons to run GH, for about 1/50th of the cost. TRT clinics are starting to offer MK.

Ok sounds good I’ll have a read on it,

I used it at 100mg/w for 19 weeks while on trt. I enjoyed the benefits of it, but wouldn’t do it again. I didn’t like the mental effects despite how nice the physical ones were.

Ok what where the mental affects at 100mg per week ?

Low grade anhedonia. Probably exacerbated underlying depression that has otherwise been asymptomatic for years. None of it was strictly bad, but I was living alone at the time so it was easy to manage. I wouldn’t want to be that way with my family now though.

Virtually same for me.

Similar for me, although NPP at 300mg. Not worth it for me.

Yes, a few times. Anywhere from 300mg to 500mg per week.

And it always eventually led to weird gyno, regardless of how well I managed E2. I don’t see me using it again. No other side effects but the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze for me.

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This won the internet for me today!! :wink:


I guess I might just have to stick with the Primo and put up with the spots from the Elevated DHT,

Have you considered EQ? Nice mass builder but not as problematic as nandrolone.

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Yeah I have but when I tried it years ago it sent my blood pressure straight up, I think it made my blood to thick, and this was with in 2 weeks of adding it to my cycle,