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Does Anyone Have Any Good Laxatives?


I have a mma fight coming up the night before i want to clear everything out because i weigh in, in the morning and fight right after..i just want to make sure i have nothing much in my stomach because i have been eating lots of veggies and i feel very heavy. Thanks


you might get better responses in the Combat forum but what about getting colonic?

I dont know if you would want to use a laxative the day before a fight? What if the laxatives results carried over into fight day. that would be bad lol


The vegetables I eat mid day are gone the next morning? Laxatives are not a good idea to make weight unless you have no other choice. If you have a week or so and you want to get things moving, try adding 'Metamucil' (5g max) to your shakes twice a day. If you are already eating four or five servings of vegetables each day, that should get it done.