Does Anyone Else Here Collect Guns?

Any FNs in there ?

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2x FN 45 tacticals black and FDE
Scar 16s and 17
FN Edge

My FNX 45 may be my favorite all-time.

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Looks wicked with an osprey on it too.

I think I speak for us all when I say that we’re eagerly waiting for @Bauber to post his follow up topic.

Does Anyone Else Here Fortify Their Compound?

Back to the topic-at-hand, do you have any specific or general recommendations for someone’s first high-quality safe? I’m the guy with fewer than ten guns who intends on purchasing at least one new gun per year for the next twenty or thirty years, maybe longer if my bad choices don’t catch up with me. I have a small quick-access safe that’s been great for a decade now and I’ve always kept my guns locked and secure against the children I’ve raised and had over…

But not thieves, fire, flood, etc.

I’m a buy nice, not twice kind of guy at this stage of my life.

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I recently took possession of an older Ruger Single-Six .22 and Blackhawk .357, they might be my two favorite handguns to shoot right now.

Someday I’ll get my hands on a proper SMG, even if just for a day. That looks like an immense amount of fun. Looks like you have a KUSA KP9 in there?

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I have 3 of them.

2 SBR and 1 carbine length.

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I don’t own a single ruger revolver. Not a fan personally.

Nothing wrong with them I am just more a colt and smith guy.

What do you do for a living again? Lawyer?

If you can afford those guns and that much land…I’m not a gun dude but I’d love to have a space that large someday.

I am an attorney, but most of the real money comes from the businesses I’ve invested in / own. I have a cushy corporate in house counsel job.

You’ll never have real wealth until you are making money while sleeping / not actively working imo.


How many rounds of ammo do you think you have in total?

That would be an interesting topic… I have close buddies that are seals or former spec ops that will all be coming to my compound. I have taken their input on fortifications and how to set things up for a perimeter and security of the compound. They all hunt out there with me and have free reign to go out there and stay / shoot.

But, back to the topic of a safe.

I have multiple safe’s and manufacturers. My favorites so far have been Homeland, Fort Knox, and Liberty on the lower end. Homeland and Fort Knox give you great customization options. I would recommend a level VII which has higher fire rating and thicker walls.

One thing I always recommend is GO BIGGER THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED. Gives you room to grow or add. Don’t fall for the “This fits 72 guns” - think maybe half of what they advertise when optics and cans, etc are taken into account.


In the millions. That isn’t an exaggeration either. I have roughly 300K rounds of just 556 at my main residence.

My sig MCX Spear just hit my gun shop today.

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Nice dude! That one is on my short list of 9mm PCC’s to try before I decide.

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Picked this up yesterday. Sig MCX Virtus Patrol with the new sig optics that has auto bullet drop compensation and aim features linked to an app on your phone. It’s wild.

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What’s the app called? Sorry, I’m a manufacturing/tech guy so this is right up my alley

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It is a Sig Sauer app called “Sig BDX”.

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That’s pretty awesome! IDK if I would use it for game hunting, but nuissance hunting I’d be down no problem.

More of a range bench for fun kinda thing for me.

I’m too old school to use it otherwise.

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Nice dude!

I live about an hour from the Sig manufacturing facility. I’ve popped into their pro-shop a couple times. All kinds of awesome stuff to handle there, incredible difficult to leave empty handed haha.

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