Does Anyone Else Here Collect Guns?

Legit list.

Even though with multiple scars and 10 of thousands of rounds down range in them, I would not be my first weapon of choice really for anything.

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Nor would I want any bullpup.

The Tavor has been pretty legit for me.

I’d consider it for CQB.

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Anyone have any experience with this?

seems to be one of the few affordable Left handed bolt 22 LRs available.

Dang being left handed. I would go for a lever action but I really want something precise to use in competition

also interesting to note - company firewall blocks “shooting times magazine” but not gun manufacturer websites?

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It possibly this one?

It’s a semi auto but maybe could be dialed in with good optics and ammo?

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Our INFOSEC guy tries to block gun stuff because he is a commie tard, but I just ignore it and brute force through.

Tikka makes a nice rifle. I wouldn’t hesitate going with one.

Won’t hold a candle to a bolt action for competition purposes.

The crazy thing is…I work for a weapons systems manufacturer…

but Shooting time magazine promotes violence…lol

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The owner of the company I am GC at is literally the most conservative, gun-toting person ever. (like me).

You have to put a reason why you are bypassing their infosec bullshit and I just usually put, “fuck you” or “because guns” or “EAD”.

They haven’t said a word to me yet and they never will.

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P30L trigger is a little squishy.

The Taran Tactical MPX is fucking fire though.


My P30L trigger was definitely squishy, also the ultra ergonomic spiderman grip panels looked cool, but I prefer my grips a little more 2x4 like.

I have always been a fan of a “softer” rubbery grip.

They always perform better in wet conditions for me.

For me the p30 grip is too smooth and rounded, a squarer grip tells my hand which direction to point.

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Yes sir, it is all about personal preference on that.

I prefer the rounded grip myself.

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I have a handful of collectibles, most notably an SS officers Luger my grandpa brought home from ww2.

I have some Winchester lever rifles dating to the 1800’s.

Other than that my “collection” is practical, in my opinion.

300 winmag custom from Hill Country Rifles in Texas for audads, mulies and occasional out of state hunts for elk.

LWRCI DI Competition for 3 gun, FN SLP and CZ Shadow to round out the gear.

Another LWRCI DI in .223 for plinking around the ranch/coyote hunting

LaRue Tactical PredatAR 7.62 with thermal dedicated for hogs

.270 WBY weatherby mark v deluxe for white tail/axis/black buck and all around hunting

A handful of shotguns, some for coastal duck hunting, some for inland birds and a berreta over/under for skeet and sporting clays

Pistols for concealed carry/truck guns/home defense/ general plinking from HK, CZ, Sig Sauer and of course Smith &Wesson and Colt revolvers.

Would love an operable tank one day.


I’m saving up for a project gun, that may eventually be a host for my first suppressor. Have you ever had a holster made for a suppressed pistol? I’m assuming it would have to be custom work.

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