Does Anyone Else Here Collect Guns?

Finally got my custom Homeland Safe in and installed. This is my 2nd safe by them and I absolutely love them.

4 gauge steel on all sides.


You make John Wick’s collection look like amateur hour. Lordt



And this is about 1/2 of it…

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I suppose my question is how many silencer and full automatic $200 permits do you have, or applied for?

I have 47 NFA stamps atm.

I have 15 pending.


Damn dude, that is a bitchin’ collection. I see some pretty rad pieces in there. Color me green.

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I thought I was a gun collector until I opened up this thread.


Asking if Bauber is a gun collector, is like asking if Ronny Coleman is a bodybuilder.

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It gets worse. This my safe at my hunting lodge.


That sounds more accurate.

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I have a love for SMGs and wheel guns.

SMGs are always pricey. My favorite recently has been the MP5 HK new variant and the LWRC SMG 45.

Have the full lineup of Colt Snake guns too.

Ordered one in 10MM too as 10MM is just badass all around.

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Nice. When will you show us what you’ve got in that bunker down in Mexico?



I am truly impressed by the gun collection.
But this thread looks too much like an ad.

Like: “Short on Guns. We Got ‘Em”

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If you aren’t in the club, you don’t get to see that.

I’m on enough lists as is.


You should see the very few anti-gun liberals in my family. One has been brave enough to make a comment - once.

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I see you have a rendezvous for when the zombies come knocking.

A man of culture you are.

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Dude got enough fire power to clear out a xenomorph hive.

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Multiple - including 6000 acres farm with enough guns there to outfit a small army.

I mean selling me short. At least 3-4 xeno hives.

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Romanian AK clone I just finished. I wish I knew more about gunsmithing.