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Does Anyone Else Eat Tofu?


I know the downsides of soy protein have been discussed on this site, but I also remember the interview with Dos where he said he eats plenty of it with no problems. I found a pork/tofu brat product with 64 grams of protein in a package for 99 cents. They're delicious, full of protein and cheap. Plus they're also made with pork so I don't feel like a hippy eating them.

Does anyone else think I can get away with eating these several times a week with no problems? Does anyone here eat a substantial amount of tofu/soy?


More info to clarify the position on soy, "Soy, What's the Big Deal?":

Any chance you know the exact brand name? I'd want to double-check the ingredient label and see exactly what's in it.

Straight tofu or soy that hasn't been processed into a pseudo-meat is fine in moderation (once a day, a few days a week), but if the brats contain TVP (textured vegetable protein - a processed form of soybeans/soy flour), I'd either steer clear or only have them occasionally, like one meal a week.

I don't eat a "substantial" amount of soy, and even when I went vegetarian/vegan for two months ( http://chriscolucci.blogspot.com/2009/04/life-without-my-meat-part-1.html ), I didn't have it that much. But when I'm at a local sushi place, once or twice a month, I don't hesitate to have some fried tofu, miso soup, or steamed edamame.

Bottom-line is that I'm a bit suspicious about this funky pork-tofu hybrid sausage. Talk about an odd couple. I'm thinking it sounds too good to be true (or truly healthful). But for a buck, what the hell. You're not going to sprout a perky set of moobs from the occasional BBQ'd brat.


They're SOGA, "Better Brats". The ingedient label says :

Pork, Tofu (Water, sprouted soybeans, magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate), water, seasoning (brown sugar, nonfat dry milk, salt, spices, dextrose, onion, spice extractives, turbinado sugar, natural flavorings)

Living in Iowa, it doesn't seem like such an odd combination, since it's a pairing of two of the states biggest commodities.