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Does Anyone Do Conditioning?


Does anybody do any conditioning in addition to their weight workouts? Sprints, complexes, energy systems stuff etc.....There is tons of stuff one can do. What I was wondering is how do you guys integrate that into your workout weeks? Would one workout with weights then do conditioning later in the day?

I'm just looking for some feedback from anyone who conditions and has ideas.

Thanks guys.


Of course. It's necessary for any athlete, really.

I add two ESD sessions after work-outs per week.. Generally either HIIT or complex kind of stuff.. And once a week, I'll do a longer and proper conditioning session, mostly bodyweight.


Shorts sprints in the early am or late pm 3 days per week can be effective for increasing your explosiveness. Some low volume plyos prior to lower body work may not count as conditioning but is also widely used by athletes to increase explosive power as well (CNS activation as a warm up for main workouts.)


Ya, lately I have been adding in complexes and some energy systems work after my workouts, but want to start adding sprinting a few days a week. I would probably put them on lower body days.


I'm looking to get back in shape for frisbee season, anyone have a program they would recommend? I'd also love

to see some logs if anyone keeps them. I'm looking for a mixture of distance and sprints. Also my cardio has

ALWAYS sucked and i really need to get better at it.

If anyone can help out, i'd love to get some feedback.


I will be starting to add some in two to three times a week. I have a log in the training logs section. I'm gonna try and have a mix of sprinting, and all types of conditioning from sledgehammer swings, sled pulls, carrys, etc.


Well for someone who has always been slow as shit, and can't run for a very long time, what would you guys

recommend? Last season i was by far the slowest person on the team and had 0 stamina. Any variety of speed work

that has helped you guys out the most?


Interval sprinting on the track (spring 100 walk 100, or any distance) has always worked for me when it comes to both stamina and speed. Stadium steps, Shuttle sprints, various cone agility drills. A combination of those usually works for me.


Squats, deadlifts, and power cleans helped me the most. Once I got much stronger I got much faster. With stronger legs your sprinting/running movement efficiency will improve and so will your endurance.


I add in Circuit Training during the week plus short sprints...in case you were wondering


x 2 on getting stronger overall. If you honestly want to put yourself in the best position and give yourself the best base to become faster/more explosive, get stronger. Someone a 200 lb guy with a 300 lb squat vs a 200 lb guy with a 500 lb squat probably won't be as fast or explosive because he just isn't as strong relative to his weight. This has helped me vastly with my speed/explosive power overall.


I think that more women should run sprints. I applaud your approach.


Just curious, what's your training like and what do you consider to be short sprints? Do you do a 5x50m type of sprint or 5x100m IT type of sprint? What is the rest of your training like?

The reason I ask is because I've never seen you post anything resembling what YOU actually do. I see only short sentences alluding to you working out, but never anything of substance. Or, point me to a previous thread where you specified how you train or what you're training is like.


OP, what strength sport do you train for?


Extra workouts


hill runs, and lots of em. they have increased my speed termendously and my lungs are as good as when I was 8-10 years old


I used to train for football, but three knee surgeries have somewhat hindered my ability to play and now I have decided not to play due to just general health considerations. I am although deciding whether or not I want to get into powerlifting, olympic lifting, or strongman and am using this summer (the first without commitment to football) to see where my new passion is.


Ah okay. I was only asking because I compete in Olympic Lifting and we don't do any conditioning. Your time is better spent tuning your lifts if you do get into that sport since the technical nuiances of the classical lifts bear much more importance over your aerobic capacity.

For general fitness I imagine sprints, kettlebell circuits, and barbell complexes would be a fine addition to improve conditioning.


I usually do some conditioning for warm up as well as cool down after a workout, I like to warm up and cool down with weighted sprints and some plyo.


Prowler sprints,enough said.