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Does Anyone Buy Full Cows?

I was wondering if anyone buys full butchered cows from 4-H kids? Im considering buying half on a steer/cow, since they let them run free in a pasture so they only eat grass/weeds.

But half a cow couldn’t run anymore…

But seriously, that sounds like a great idea - all you need is the freezer space. Let us know if it works out. What kind of pricing do they offer?

I really forget what the pricing is. I raised pigs for like 6 years when i was a kid in 4-H, pigs got like 3-4$ a pound. I think beef get like 1-2$ a pound im not 100% sure though.

But yea, its ALOT of grass-fed beef, thats allowed tons of open space to graze and be happy. No hormones or antibiotics obviously.

Just go to costco and buy a giant meat freezer for 250$

I get bison like that, yum yum.

Yes! The meat is unreal, so much better than anything you can buy at a supermarket. The last cow my family bought averaged out to $2/lb. As long as you have the freezer space, it doesn’t get any better than a 4h animal.

So what do you do with the cow? How does one go about slicing and dicing?

[quote]Rocky2 wrote:
So what do you do with the cow? How does one go about slicing and dicing?[/quote]

Send it to a meat packing company (a small, local one), the same one that does the elk and deer I shoot with my dad. They’ll make hamburger, t-bones, top sirloin, anything you want. Relatively inexpensive and the person you buy it from typically will have a “packer” in mind.

yea butcher costs can range from 200-400$ depending on the size on the animal, and also depending on whether you request to have it cut a specific way. But overall your saving a shit ton of money, and can eat like a kind for a year

We buy them on the hoof and do the dirty work myself.