Does Anyone Actually Like Kerry?

Just curious, as none of the major figures in liberal punditry seem to care much for him.

Here’s a piece by liberal pundit Mike Grunwald in Slate on Kerry’s flip-flops, with a nice chart included to make it easy to play along at home:

He has another piece on Kerry’s liberal voting record in The New Republic, which is, like Slate, hardly a Republican mouthpiece:

Speaking of the New Republic, apparently they couldn’t find a single writer to say nice things about Kerry in their Democratic Primary endorsement issue:

And of course, there is Mickey Kaus, the liberal Slate blogger who REALLY dislikes Kerry:


While I’m sure there will be some fawning profiles in the New York Times or Washington Post eventually, I haven’t seen any yet. Is the hope in the Democratic aisles that people simply will hate Bush enough to plug their noses and vote for Kerry? Obviously there are those such as Lumpy who will do so, but I don’t think a whole campaign can be based on “Vote Kerry – He’s not Bush!”

Imus in the Morning likes him. Then again, he usually changes his mind several times a week too.

I’m going to vote for Kerry because I hate Bush with a passion. That being said, I think Kerry has turned his back on a lot of people in his process of trying to look like a moderate. Living in Massachusetts, I am not sure that I would vote for him again for Senate if he were to run again

“Vote Kerry – He’s not Bush!”

Works for me.

I would have much preferred Edwards or Dean. In fact about the only candidate I like less than Kerry is Bush.

Back in 92 I wasn’t all that big a Clinton fan, but he sure looked a bunch better than the jackass I voted for in 88.

I don’t

I don’t either.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen a single pro-Kerry sign anywhere. I’ve seen Dean, Edwards and Kuccinch but no Kerry signs.

I’ve overheard liberal debates over Dean vs. Edwards and tons of Clark and Kuccinch supoport but no pro-Kerry debates. It seems that Kerry just kind of slipped in somehow. I don’t sense a lot of excitement over him either. Besides the fact that he will be the democratic canidate that will run against Bush. Other than that, there really isn’t the passion that Dean or Edwards or Kuccinch supporters had for their canidate.

I really dispise the anything but Bush camp. It’s a lame cop out. Kind of like the Anything But Communist rhetoric that sure proved to yeild some positive results. Oh, wait…

Uhhh, no.


He’s a goof.

I don’t like him. I live in a very liberal democratic city. Kerry does not seem too popular in NYC to me.

I just can’t imagine him as a leader. Seems like a follower to me.

What a joke. And the Democratic party continually wonders why it cannot win.

To even consider voting for him, he would have to have a VP and cabinet so unafraid to go to war, so unwavering in face of irrational anti-americanism, that if Kerry ever wanted to balk, the whole country would know it was all on him.

Right now, he says he’s planning to spend more than Bush. He knows darn well that there are only a few legal loopholes left for “Benedict Arnold companies” and we can’t get much tax revenue from that. And 2 things I think will happen: (1) the Constitutional Amendment won’t pass unless its worded more tamely than anyone can imagine right now; and (2) if re-elected, Bush WILL raise taxes, at least slightly and to protect his legacy, he won’t raise them on the middle class.

anyone but bush

Anyone But Bush

nope,anyone but kerry.

not crazy about him… but at least he’s not Bush

if bush gets reelected…canada here i come

Have fun in Canada.

So, Lumberjak…you hate Bush more than you love our country?

…You probably shouldn’t vote.

Hmmm. No one likes him so far.

That doesn’t bode well for his chances, even as unscientific a sample as this is. There is a core that will vote against any Democrat, and a different core that will vote against any Republican – however, the election will turn on appealing to the others.

Right now Kerry and Bush are polling about even. That is hugely bad news for Kerry. He’s just had several months of free publicity, and Bush has only barely begun to run ads. The trends in the two biggest issues to voters right now, the economy and the war on terror, are positive for Bush. That does not bode well for Kerry, who does not seem charismatic enough to, or to have enough vision to, appeal to a large swath of undecideds.

lumberjak, I’m sure we’ll miss you when you’re up there in the great, white North…