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Does anybody take aspirin daily as

Well on Good Morning America, the doctor just said us guys should be taking a baby aspirin every day, that aspirin has ALOT of healthy effects, many that we don’t understand.

In particular, I’d like to know from some of the Biotest guys, what kinds of interactions supplementing with aspirin could have both on our training and supplements (Biotest supplements in particular). My main concern is the thinned out blood (since aspirin is a blood thinner).

Here is the article for reference. (See #7).


The doctor recommends baby aspirin because it inhibits plaque from forming and will help prevent heart disease. It does this by preventing TXA2 formation in platelets and allowing PGI2 to form in endothelial cells. PGI2 is anti-aggregatory and TXA2 is aggregatory. This will cause blood to become a little thinner and will increase clotting times as you have mentioned. Taking fish oil will cause production of TXA3 instead of TXA2. TXA3 is much less aggregatory and will lead to thinner blood similar to taking aspirin. If you are taking fish oil I don’t think you would need the aspirin. The only Biotest supplement I could see aspirin having a contraindication with is Myostat because other sulfo-polysaccharides have an anti-clotting effect. They have not tested the anti-clotting potential of Myostat as of yet. High dose aspirin may decrease testosterone production in the leydig cells and may cause gastric bleeding but low dose aspirin wouldn’t have these effects.

I’d recommend fish oils as well. The biggest problem with aspirin and other NSAIDS is long term use destroys the lining of the gut which can be an open invitation for other chronic problems and diseases to take hold.