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Does anybody realize...

Does anybocy know what a couple little things called genetics and biochemical individuality are? I have read some pretty sad posts(IMO) here… How did this guy eat, how did this guy train, how much did this guy sleep… just because some huge mofo eats only once a day, or eats only certain things doesnt mean you will get his results by mimicing it. His genetics were most likely great, and his biochemical makeup may be totally different than yours. His T is prolly sky high, tons of LH and GH coursing thru his veins, perhaps drug assistance…

Biochemical individuality is what makes each human different, and it is why we react differently to the same stresses. I have a friend who lifts twice a day, 2 hours a pop. he could put on muscle just by saying the word ‘muscle.’ He gets followed around by a pack of wannabes that emulate everything he does hoping to get his physique. none have, in 3 years, none have come anywhere close. they are all skinny or fat, just like they were when they started, and cant figure out why… i tried to tell them there is a little thing called genetics, and that he had picked his parents well, and biochemical individuality makes each person different. they would have no part of it. they thought it was cuz they werent being like him enough. so they started eating like him, drinking beer everytime he did, smoking weed everytime he did… same results…

Please tell me you guys realize these things have major impact on your development. please...

Genetics? DAYUM! I thought working out would make me taller! And shit, I thought that getting big was just a matter of eating and training. Those damn genetics! I guess that’s what is holding me back from being 5’8" and 180lbs with 6% bodyfat. Hmmm…I’ll have to live with only being 5’4". LOL!

You’re right. Genetics play a key factor in everyone’s development. But to say that eating right and training won’t make a difference would be misleading. So even though there are many “wannabes” out there following someone else’s every move, they should still make some gains. But it won’t be until they realize what works best for them. So yes, genetics are key, but proper training, nutrition and supplementation can make all the difference in the world!

Well, I am glad to know some people realize what you just said! Genetics are everything! It’s impossible to think you can look exactly like someone else. God made us all to be different. We are all unique in our own ways and have to accept this. Great Post!

Yeah, okay. Genetics play a big roll in the out come and shape of a person. Their bodyfat accumalation. Their insulin resistance. Well, basically everything. However, the human body has many simular aspects. Which is why we all fall into the term “homo-sapiens.” I know the point you are trying to make, but the upcoming hulks of t-mag need to be able to experiment with different ways that have worked for others. This way they can find the best way for their genetics, muscle type, body type, … we aren’t all rocket scientist and able to examine our individual predispositions! So unfortunatly trial and error is all most of us have. It is those that fail to realize a key point, IF IT AIN’T WORKING AFTER 2 MONTHS TRY SOMETHING ELSE! The people that do not ask the questions and sit back and use the same split and routine month after month, year after year with no results, or little at that are neglecting their “biochemical individuality.”

Dude nicely put. You are right that very few people realize this. People tend to make assumptions about others and their habits based on their appearance. A lot of people assume if someone is skinny, they just aren’t eating enough. Maybe 60% of the time they are correct but there is a lot of people who consume a ton of calories and still have a hard time putting on weight. Some people just don’t have the appetite others do and it’s excrutiating to eat the calories required. I have to use a lot of flax oil and PB to bump up my calories. You ever notice the ones criticle of the skinny trainies and their diet tend to be the heavier guys who’s appetite is to big? On the flip side, sometimes the overweight people just look at food and gain weight.
When I started working out (6 years ago), I was 120. Today I’m 170 and I’ve had to work hard for every pound. Recently I’ve felt like I’ve hit my genetic limit. I used Finasol and have been able to put on more weight. Genitics plays a huge part in our development. Thank god for supplements, drugs and companies like Biotest that help us overcome our genetic limits. Great post and I’m glad you pointed it out as a lot of people need to be reminded.

F*** genetics. I have willpower.

I know how genetics affect a person’s body. Hell, I try everything to make my chest grow, and it just stays stuck at the same size while my forearms have a good ol’ time growing a couple inches.

Ironically, I was talking about this just this morning with the owner of the gym where I work. The guy knows as much about training, diet, and exercise physiology than anyone I’ve ever met. Yet, to this day, he believes that since everyone responds differently to training techniques, an individual’s own beliefs are just as, if not more, important that what trainers tell them to do. He doesn’t follow one protocol; rather, he takes what he believes to be the best bits from each. In other words, the best thing that we can possibly do is experiment with what others have done while simultaneously innovating ourselves. All the while, we must remember to keep track of what works and what doesn’t via measurements, strength increases, and weight and body composition changes. Above all, this underscores the importance of keeping a detailed training log. I’ve always done so, but starting today, it will be a hell of a lot more in-depth.

F genetics…will you ever look like someone else, No obviously but people use genetics as an exceuse to be friggen lazy. Eat right and train right, do it everyday and never lose sight of your goal and you will look the best you gentic shape can offer. Genetics are just a mold to which you must supply the effort to fill.


Shiot- thanks for the replies guys.
I wasnt trying to make a point that we are all doomed to look like we did before we started training. Genetics need the stimulus to be brought out. And, yes, we are all in the genus-species Homo Sapien. But that doesnt mean every Homo Sapein is exactly the same. We do all have common ties, like a bullet in the head would hurt, no matter who you are. A bout of intense training will drain your body, no matter who you are. But it within these general things that each persons traits come out… The thing is, that people neglect this fact, and think that if they do exactly what so-and-so does, they will look just like him. Aint gonna happen. I actually tried to keep up with my monster of a friend one time. I ended up dropping 10 punds in 2 weeks due to overtraining, and he actually gained mass… I was sick as a dog after that, my body just couldnt handle it. Whereas, his can, because his biochemical makeup it different than mine.

I am not trying to say that there arent rules of the game- because there are. Too much stimulus is a bad thing (overtraining). not enough is a bad thing. but, the happy medium where progress is made is different for each person. Experimenting, trying what other people have tried, and learning is what leads to success. Thats why we are the dominant species of this planet- we learn and adapt by using our cognitive abilities. well, that, and our opposable thumbs... Yes, willpower will get you far, but the gentic potential has the final say in the matter. And, I agree 110%, thank The Good Lord for companies like Biotest, that allow us to push the limits of our genetics to points otherwise impossible! PEACE T-FREAKS!

Geeeze! Genetics play an important role in how easy it is to become big. I mean, with me, I don’t have to do squat with my forearms and they grow, but if I want my chest or neck to grow… good luck. And if someone uses “bad genetics” as an excuse for being lazy, then they are just an idiot. We all have areas that grow faster or slower than others. That’s why we change our workout programs around to help make those weak areas grow faster.

For anyone who can only say “F genetics”, you need to grow a brain. Without genetics, you’re just scum. Without genetics you are nothing. So to be totally ignorant of genetics, is just plain stupid. You have to realize where your genetics are weak, and then adapt.

~~ Jon T

DA MAN - this was an awesome post and kinda touches on something that crosses my mind occasionally. I have a question for you all, how interested do you think the general bodybuilding public (more so T-folk) as well as elite athletes would be in something that could take some of the guess work out of what your genetic potential is in terms of muscle gains. When we say “genetics” we are generally refering to a large black box that each of us has but no one really knows whats in it. What if it were possible to find out what is in the box? Imagine how beneficial to muscle building it would be if, based on gene activity, enzyme levels, receptor activity, and other things, you could know at what point you would over train and what nutritents your own body metabolizes the best. Basically this comes down to determining the biochemical/genetic makeup of your body as relates to muscle gain. Sound like a good idea? i am not saying this is at all possible now (i know this kinda sounds like a sales pitch) but what if it were? Any civil thoughts welcome.


80 yrs ago people didn’t use genetics as an excuse to not get big & strong. They figured if they busted their ass & ate right they could do it too. A guy at work says he doesn’t squat because of his ‘genetics’. That’s bullshit he just doesn’t doesn’t care if he stays the same.-Drax

You mean to tell me that if I change my name to Gunter, I WON’T pack on 45 lbs overnight??? His website is a bunch of filthy lies…

I think bad, or yo-yoing expectations have a large impact as well. If you expect failure you will get it. If you are overly optimistic, you will become disappointed and that will be a big negative. I say to not have any set expectations, but to be “professional”, get enough sleep, use consistent form (alot harder then most think) and the rest of it. Your genetics are set so forget about them.

i didnt read the rest of the posts. I have to say though that Nate Dogg is waaaay wrong. You totally missed the boat bro. If you go out and train and eat like Ronnie, you will probably get shit for gains. Charlie Francis addressed this one time either online here or in Speed Trap, that young sprinters would come up and ask what training program Ben Johnson was doing. He would take a long time and try to explain to them that it was not relevant as they werent Ben and couldnt and shouldnt train like Ben.

Here’s the genetics excuse:‘I want to be like that guy, but I don’t have his genetics so I CAN’T DO IT’. Lots of guys have gotten huge & strong just by trying hard, so I can do it too!

Drax, Bronx, Dozer… Get the sand out of your pussies and listen to what you are saying. If I want to be big all I have to do is train and eat. Suuuuuurrrrrrrrrreeeeeee. You guys are the exact reason I posted this. You neglect reality, harsh as it may be. It doesnt matter how hard you train, how well you eat, how devoted to the life you are- if the genetic potential isnt there, you dont get where you want to be. Does that mean you will gain nothing at all? no, most likely you will gain quite a bit. But you will only get as far as your genetics and biochemical makeup allow.
How do you think certain guys have so much T runnin thru 'em? Yup, God given gift. Also called GENETICS. same with LH and GH flowin- its all determined by genetic traits. Will these traits come out without proper stimulation? proly not. But then there is my sister- never did a squat or calf raise in her life, and has better leg development than most IFBB pros. Thats cuz my dad has the same build- she got this development from him, thru a little thing called genetics…
Whereas she is an extreme case, most people wont realize their genetic potential without proper stimulation. she hasnt even realized her full potential- she would be the 9th wonder of the world if she trained better.
Genetics are used for an excuse a lot. that is indeed a total cop out. its a crock. but at the same time, genetics do play a major, and final, role in your development. like it or not…

So many people want to believe that they can overcome there genetic fate. I call it the Rudy Syndrome (you know-like the movie). It must be a hard pill to swallow after investing so much time, effort and hope into a fruitless endeavor. I can understand how denial manifest itself; “All I have to do is find the right program/diet/supplement and then I will achieve my physical ideal.” Da Man is absolutely right, there must be a point where one excepts there limitations because for many bodybuilding will be a frustrating exercise in futility.
On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who are genetically gifted that truly believe there physique was achieved through their brilliant training methods or more commonly their “strength of will”. I would speculate that your typical hardgainer knows more about training than the gifted athlete just because he must search harder and longer for his unatainable goal. Ironic huh…