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Does anybody here eat Beef Liver?

This stuff is so cheap and so full of vitamins (especially b vitamins) i just cant understand why more people dont eat it. Believe it or not i think it tastes pretty good, its also got a heap of protein and is pretty low in fat. Am i nuts? Anybody else eat it?

KNowing what the function of the liver is, and what they do to cattle, I for one will not put that stuff down my pie hole. The liver is a filter, and the stuff it filters out isn’t always processed – some of it just accumulates. Sylimarrin (sp? the active component in milk thistle) is recommended for people who regularly take perscription medications. I seriously doubt that cattle go through a course of that prior to butchering. Scary.

I think liver is fine for you. Look, people eat a stuff a whole lot worse for you than liver. Shit just go overseas, monkey brains, cobra blood, etc. Liver isn’t going to fuck you up because its the “body’s filter”. Beverly’s liver tabs are great, all the benfits of liver with none of the fat. As long as you don’t make it your only source of protein you’ll be fine.

I used to eat liver all the time when I was a kid. I actually like the taste. And it’s always so tender. I haven’t had it in years, but I’d certainly eat it again.

brider is DEAD ON! I used eat beef or chicken liver once a week (smothered in sautéed onions + mushrooms - tastes great, high in protein and B vitamins, especially the hard to get B12).

I stopped eating liver about 10 years ago after
learning how much of the body’s toxins are stored in
it. If an animal or a human is exposed to PCB, lead,
cadmium, mercury, or radioactive materials, antibiotics injectable hormones, etc… then these substances will be found in the liver MANY decades later. By eating the cow’s liver, you are basically ingesting just about everything that cow was exposed to over its lifetime.

I regularly take dessicated liver tablets with each meal. The dessication process removes the fat and any toxins. Dr. Serrano calls dessicated liver a perfect food for bodybuilders. This stuff works!

Liver does have a lot of nutrients in it. Things like B-vitamins, heme iron, protein and purines. If you crave it it’s probably just your body trying to tell you what it needs. I don’t eat beef liver much but find I do get occassional out of the blue cravings for KFC fried chicken livers! I have absolutely no idea why but when I do it’s a VERY strong craving. I can only imagine it’s my body telling me I need more high fat, high sodium, high purine foods with extra B vitamins.

The liver and kidneys are the “detox” centres of mammals. Also, organs such as heart, liver and kidneys are known to accumulate toxic metals and other compounds. Moderation is definitely key here!

Hey, if you want to eat liver, that’s fine by me. Not only do I seriously dislike the taste, but the knowledge of what it does just makes it all the more repulsive to me. And I seriously doubt that dessication takes out all those toxins. Just my opinion.

…proving once again that Serrano doesn’t know shit.

Brider: I never claimed the liver tabs take all the toxins out of it, just the fat. Besides all of the old times should be dropping dead filled with toxins from all the liver tabs and liver they used to eat. I’m just saying that the toxin talk is over hyped, it probably started from PETA or some other vegetarian group. Anything you eat that walks, crawls, or swims has a chance for toxins. Are you gonna stop eating fish, Hell they swim along and eat shit for cryin out loud.

To Slaine: You’re right, live is very good for you, but it is also EXTREMELY high in cholesterol. Just thouht I’d let ya’ll know

Guys if you want a badass b- complex, w/ the benefits of having dessicated liver and liver concentrate in it…get Methischol. Its kinda hard to find and is fairly expensive for vitamins; but it sure is good. The legit one is 25 to 30 bucks for a 100 Caps…Peace

I wouldn’t worry about toxins in beef liver as most beef are slaughtered for meat when only 1 and half to 2 years old so don’t live long enough to accumulate toxins like a human who might live 70-80 years. Beef for meat only eat grain like corn and oats with fiber like hay or grass and are not exposed to toxins like humans are. There are a lot less toxins in beef liver than human liver. Cattle are not exposed to all the chemicals like we are and don’t put all the shit in there bodies like we do. I’m willing to bet their livers are pretty clean. i’m sure you can live to a heathly old age eating lots of liver. And i wouldn’t worry about cholesterol from liver as its now been proved that high cholesterol doesn’t come from dietary cholesterol but from eating to many saturated fats and transfats and also too many carbs. its those types of foods that cause your own body to boost cholestrol. Remember how bad they used to say eggs were? And now eggs are ok because dietary cholestrol isn’t the real problem. Enjoy your liver, it’s highly nourishing.

Have you people no taste buds? I’ve eaten some vile concoctions in my life, but I’d rather eat a plate full of fossilized dinosaur turds than eat liver ever again.

Thanks for all the reply’s people! Heb i agree with you on this, i doubt cows get too much toxins during their lifetime. Besides like SupplementPimp said, look at fish, they swim in waters that are polluted to the max, i eat about 15 cans of tuna per week and i’m sure most of the people on this forum do too. Fact is one of the major reasons we have so many diseases on the planet now is from what we do to our foods. Processing, pollution etc. So if you choose to avoid a particular food, something else in your current diet is probably just as harmful.

I never eat filters. It just makes me sick to be eating something that acts as a filter, so no liver, kidneys (the Brits eat those!). Actually I could just change it to I dont eat guts. No organs for me… just regular old muscle. And don’t bore me with protein content or the fact that some of the “guts” are just muscle. I have too active an imagination and after gutting and skinning my first antelope back when I was 14 I swore off all innards.

I would like to see the flawless studies proving saturated fat raises cholesterol. All this talk about taking away fat makes me sick.