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Does Anybody Enjoy Eating a Bulking Diet?


I recently began a bulking diet, and frankly, I absolutely hate this. I do not enjoy feeling stuffed. Eating is has become a chore, rather than an enjoyable part of my day. I'm less efficient at work because I'm always eating or thinking about eating. And, I've had to add things to my diet that I do not enjoy eating (like whole milk) just to get enough calories. So, I'm just wondering if my feelings are normal, or whether some people actually enjoy the process of stuffing themselves silly.


Sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes not. Food that tastes better makes it a lot easier, for sure. If you're trying to eat totally clean, it's a lot tougher than it needs to be. I switched to a 'sorta clean' diet about a year and a half ago, and I've still never gone over 17% body fat. Barbeque chicken thighs are a hell of a lot easier to stomach than dry-ass breasts, and have more calories.


Sounds like the type of person who isn't going to stick with this for more than a month or two. LOL

If you don't enjoy eating plenty of healthy food and killing yourself in the gym, PLEASE find another hobby.


I enjoy the killing myself in the gym. And I enjoy the healthy food. In fact, I think that's part of my problem. I pretty much only eat meat, eggs, and veggies. I've cut my veggies way down to make room for more meat. And I've added a gallon of whole milk per day. It's easier to get the food down on workout days. Non-workout days are the hard ones to "stomach" -- pun intended.


This is the part that drives me. To lift more, I have to eat more. So every time I down a chunk of meat, I like to think it's another pound added to my squat or DL.

[maniacal stare]BWAHAHAHA! I just added five fucking pounds to my bench press! WTF did you have for lunch!? A measly little SANDWICH?!?[/maniacal stare]


I think that mentality will help me here. Rather than think about having to down more food, I'll just think of it as being able to squat more if I eat more. Thanks.


How many calories are you taking in?


I think the keyword in your post is "recently." After a few weeks\months\whatever your stomach will adjust. I'm basically starving 3 hours on the dot after even my normally biggest meal of the day (breakfast -- 4 eggs, 1 cup of oats, 16oz milk, fruit.)


maybe add some cheese to go along with your whine?


Find a tomato sauce recipe that's just tomatoes and spices, put it on whenever you're not feeling hungry, and it'll go down much quicker


Not sure exactly...typical day is as follows

1 gallon of whole milk (2500 cal)
12 eggs (800 cal)
1 entire chicken, no skin* (about 2000 cal)
1 lb beef or pork (probably about 800 cal)

I also eat some veggies. But, I limit them in order to make room for meat.

*I don't have anything against skin. I just cook my chicken in a crock-pot, and the skin comes out slimy.

FYI I'm 6'2" 190 lbs right now--by appearance, though, most people think I weight about 170. A guy I train with says at my height, I have to weigh at least 240 to not look like a bird.

My workout is simple: Starting Strength by Rippetoe

How many calories/day should I be eating? Should I do less on non-workout days or keep things constant?


You mean like ketchup? Fuck ketchup. Ketchup is for hot dogs and pussies.

Grab your favorite BBQ sauce and douse it with that instead.


For perspective. Waylander, who's 6'2, at his biggest was 290 with 19+ inch arms. Current pic he's right around 240.

Tony Freeman is also 6'2. Steps on stage in the high 280's-290's.


Obviously everyone is different but I would say at 190 pounds you should not be eating 6100+ calories/day. Most would gain at 4000 at that weight. Especially doing a rather simple 3 day/week program.


or a whaaa-mburger with some french cries


why would you preface your statement with "everyone is different" and then suggest he eat 1/3 less the cals? I mean if he's not gaining weight then 6100 isnt enough. Or if he is gaining slowly then why would he cut his cals?


Because everyone is different, but 99% of people at that weight would need much less calories. 4000 would be enough for MOST, therefore I'd think 4000 would be a better starting point to try out than 6100. He said he recently started bulking and already hates life because of the amount of food he's eating. Why not start at a lower amount of calories that, for most people, would be enough to gain weight pretty consistently.


Your problem I would say is that silly ass gallon of milk. Now, I know I know of the idea of squats and milk programs, but I tried that crap last summer and didn't gain a pound. Why? Because I was too busy chugging and digesting a gallon of friggin milk every day. I was never hungry because of this.

Here is what I would recommend, take it or leave it, but it has worked for me:

1)You probably need around 3800-4600 calories per day.
2)Buy yourself a WEIGHT GAINER SHAKE. One that is a solid 1300 calories per serving or there abouts. Drink a 1/2 serving twice a day. I do them between meals. I like Optimum Nutrtion's Serious Mass in a 12 pound bag (about $40).
3)Now, look at your numbers... lions and tigers and bears, oh my! you only need to eat about 2550-3350 calories a day!
4)Eat THREE good sized BALANCED meals per day about 800 calories a piece. None of this all meat crap. Get your salads, greens, steak, whatever it is... make it balanced.
5)Now you need about 150-950 calories to fulfill your needs. Do this buy consuming shots of olive oil, milk, almonds, a snack, put raisens in your oatmeal, or whatever floats your boat throughout the day.

So recap. 3 square meals, twice 1/2 serving Gainer Shake, fulfill the rest with bullshit.

This is very easy to do, I've gained almost 50 lbs doing it. At first you do have to get used to it, but eventually you'll easily be able to get the meals down and they WILL be enjoyable. Start at 3800 first and see what happens, and work your way up. I eat the exact same thing every morning for breakfast for this reason, I just get it done and over with, its my hardest meal... after that every meal taste like I haven't ate all day long. Good luck.


If your new at this, 1 gram of protein or a bit more per pound of body weight will work fine for you for quite a while. Start with 15 times your body weight in calories to eat per day, if your not gaining change it to 16,17 etc....
That gallon of milk has 128 grams of protein, that dozen eggs has about about 72 grams, pound of beef is around 120-140, ill assume your eating a small chicken about 2-3 pounds(120-140 grams per pound of meat).

So you are eating about 400-500 grams of protein and 6100 calories when you could be eating 200-250(1-1.5X BW) grams of protein at a more appropriate 3000 calories per day(15 or more X BW) and get your remaining calories easier in the form of fats and carbs. Sometimes you have to be willing to be uncomfortable to reach your goals, I know I did when I broke the 200 pound barrier.

Since you are bulking this hard might as well go with a body part split as outlined in the Body Building Bible here http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/the_bodybuilding_bible_free_of_charge


yeah I agree... I was just asking what your reasoning was. I think we need a little more info from the OP on how long he's actually been bulking and how his weight/body comp has come along so far. Thats probably the best indicator of how much food he needs.