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Does any one still use flax?

So do people out there still take there flax seed oil? I have been using flax in two of my three p-f meals for quite some time, and have experienced good results. Always looking to improve I am thinking of switching up my diet, and adding new fats, and new types of protein i.e. steak. I am thinking that fish oild would be the reccomended switch out for flax, but am not sure. Could some of those wh are more intellingent than I please shed some light on this area for me. my current eating routine goes as follows:
meal 1: 2 serv. GROW, Oats, Apple
meal 2: Whey Isolate, Dextrose sugar
meal 3: Chicken, Yams
meal 4: 300 g fiborous veggies, Can Tuna, 2 egg whites, 1tbls Flax
meal 5: " "
meal 6: 2 serv GROW, 2tbls Cashew Butter
As always any help is appreciated

YES! YES! YES! Flax is one of those must take staple supplements.

agree use flax but add the fish oil also

I had about 2 cups this week.

I use flax oil as my main source of fats.

Looks like you’re only taking 1T a day of flax which isn’t alot.

I’d keep it and add the fish oil, as Phill suggested. I’d also back off of the cashew butter.

what is the caloric breakdown on fish oil

I use flax seed that are hulled.
The product is called Fortyflax made by Barleens. It’s high in omega 3 and fiber. I think health from the sun makes a similar product.
Charles Poliquin recomends this kind of flax as a way to rid the body of estrogens.

These seeds can mixed into yogurt, salads, cereals, cottage cheese, tuna, and your protein shakes.

You can keep the flax.

You should add direct fish oil supplements.

And you need more monounsaturated fats. If you have too many polyunsaturates and not enough monounsaturates, you can run into lowered testosterone levels.

flax is easier to find in liquid form than fish oils, so its what i use in my shakes. i suppliment my solid meals with fish oil capsules to meet my fat requirments(which are higher than what i usually get from the meat in my meals alone).

Flax seeds, not the oil, are also supposed to be a great source with some extra benefits.

I think your idea of adding steak or other red meat is a good one. I’d put it in place of the tuna in meal 4 or meal 5, or both. That’s what I’ve done in the last year or so. Adding the fish oil is also a good plan.

1 serving every night before bed.

w/ LC Grow…of course!

I use flax seeds. . .a lot cheaper than the oil, and not requiring refrigeration, and better tasting, too. One serving has 14g of carbs, although 10 are fiber. That’s a serious ass-load of fiber! Also 10g of protein.

I currently use hemp seed oil. It doesn’t get you high (as many might suspect), but from what I have read in numerous sources, it has a preferential Omega-3/Omega-6 ratio over flax. I have been using it for a couple months now, and I think it is great.

What brands of flax oil / flaxseeds / cashew butter are the best and can be obtained via the internet? I ask because I would like to get some of the above, and need to get them via the internet as I don’t have another way to get anything. I read JackAss’ recomendations, just wondering if anyone else has an opinion.

c-brook, I also use hemp. Great stuff. Love the taste! Too bad it doesn’t cover up the flax taste.

Re: hemp oil.

" it has a preferential Omega-3/Omega-6 ratio over flax"

That is true if hemp oil is the only source of omega 3 and omega 6 fats in your diet. Since most people get too much omega 6 fats in their diet already it is better to use flax/fish oil as supplements. See fat roundtable: www.t-mag.com/articles/208fat2.html

"back then [prehistoric times] our ratio of omega 6s to omega 3s was very close to 1:1. These days it has been suggested that this ratio is 30:1 up to 50:1! So what’s the big deal you ask? The big deal is that this change in the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 plays a role in pretty much every major disease that’s killing us in Western civilization. This ratio can also impact performance and body composition as well.

Flax seeds are where its at. I also support the flax oil with lc grow before bed.

Try this recipe I got off of Berardi’s site for your flax seeds…its so good

Peanut butter Chocolate Bars
2 scoops choclate protein powder (low carb)
2 scoops crushed flax seeds
4 tblespoons chunky peanut butter

mix together and slowly add upto 1/4 cup of water. Its very dry, but should be malleable and able to form into shapes…press the ‘dough’ up agasint a caserole dish to form into a bar shape (use saran wrap) and regriferate…eat when ready.

I just re-read the original part one of the Fat Roundtable, and the general consensus is that Flax is good and Fish Oil is better. Just in terms of the Omega3:Omega6 ratio.

Something to think about.