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Does Anabolic Steroids Shorten Your Lifespan

my grandpa is 81 and works everyday healthy heart liver and kidneys just hes knees are kind of bad

i hear guys saying i take steroids cause i dont wanna be 55 and not be able to wipe my ass but my grandpa is 81 and probly can do that just fine i mean lifes short u live then u die but i wanna live even when i cant wipe my ass cause ill maybe have kids or maybe nieces or nefews

A short glimpse into Howie’s brain

hmmmmmm me want post internet talk yes [mashes keyboard in some spastic manner] good talk thought speak yeah yeah answer me someone will hmmmm no people answer why no answer me card read good oh well me thread start a new one

Why are you still here kid?

[quote]Makavali wrote:
Why are you still here kid?[/quote]

Because he touches himself at night.