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Does Alcohol Stop Protein Synthesis?


I've heard alot of things but if I go out and drink one night does that mean the protein after I drink wont be used????


Huh, you take protein after drinking?

If your limiting it to 1-2 drinks a week, maybe 3 if your in college, it wont hurt ya. Just try to plan your hard workouts to where your not gonna be drinking right after.


Try to keep from getting dehydrated - which is pretty hard because alcohol messes with your antidiuretic hormone...

If you can get ahold of an IV kit and an IV bag, you can IV hydrate, which is what med students and paramedics often do to ameliorate the effects of a night of heavy drinking.


That's awesome, i've never heard of that. Probably would help avoid hangovers if one could manage to insert an IV while completely trashed...that wouldnt be a disaster at all. But hmm, I have quite a few friends who are nursing students...

I can be somewhat of a binge drinker, although i'm taking a break for the summer while i'm focusing on getting in shape. One or two drinks a week is my limit.

This fall i'm probably gonna try and work out sunday-tuesday-thursday to avoid working out on a friday or saturday and sabotaging myself with a night of heavy drinking during recovery. I'm sure it's gonna hurt my goals overall but i'm willing to get to my goals slower if it means I can have fun while i'm doing it. I have plenty of time to get ripped. If It stops me from making any progress at all i'll probably have to reevaluate that though.


Are you kidding? 2 Liters of D5NS run in as fast as you can and the hangover is gone.....


I just got finished a 6 month stint of ride-outs with a paramedic crew, and my one preceptor would always steal IV supplies before going on fishing trips. Him and his buds would just throw some 18s in each other before drinking, and before hitting the hay, they'd run a litre of saline.


Personally, I just would not get overly concerned about one night of drinking unless you are really going overboard with is (i.e. binging). Outside of anything re: protein synthesis, it is just a whole lot of meaningless calories. Look at the big picture and do not get so caught up in the minutiae.