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Does Age matter

I went to the store yesterday to buy the Mag-10 stack and the guy in there asked me my age and i told him that i was 20, then he told me that i am not suppose to take any prohormone or testosterone enhacing drug, and that at that age my test is high enough to make good gains. Is this true?
Please i need help on these question

The guy gave you good advice. You should take it. He sounds like someone who actually has ethics, which is a rare find in supplement store clerks these days. If I were you, I’d go back, ask him for some advice about what, specifically, he thinks you should do to further your bodybuilding goals, and cultivate him as a friend/mentor. Having someone like that in your corner is worth more than any stack in the long run.

yeah, at age 20 your own testosterone should be
plenty to make solid gains in the gym. However,
the Mag-10 stack would be sure to give you an
extra boost. The real thing to think about,
though, is how long you’ve been working out ?
If you have only been at this a year or less,
you probably will still be making real nice
gains on your own, and you might not get as
much out of mag-10. However, if you are at a
point where you are stagnating, this should
give you a kickstart. Search the archive for
instructions on workout programs and dosing.

I’d stick to char-dawg’s advice. When u’re young u should stick to what your body can produce naturally. If u increase the body’s test levels artificially, your body will convert the excess test to estrogen, which may cause u to get gyno in the long run. Remember, if u start on prohormones or gear(roids), your body will get used to the doses and u’d have to stack and keep increasing your dosages each time u feel that your gains are slowing down, and thats where we lose our common sense and start destroying the body from inside out. Remember u’re still young and your body is still growing. Keep the workouts intense and rotate them every 4-6 weeks to keep the body guessing. By doing that u’d be consistently stimulating your body to grow. As far as supplementation goes…remember protien is still protien…personally i’d rather down 2 chicken breasts or a nice steak unless i’m cutting up. I rarely use powders unless i feel that i’m consuming too much solid food as use the powders as a “supplements”. Plus its also cheaper for me to consume solid protien foods like tuna or eggs than to consume 3-4 protien shakes a day.

Yeah, i have worked at GNC for 9 years and am an old fart now at 30. my franchise owner sells to us at cost, and the younger guys there (19-20) see me get 1-AD and MAG-10 and all that…so they want it too. me and my boss tell them they do not really need it since they are young and are full of testoterone (hopefully). but they don’t listen and get some anyway. :slight_smile: i figure if you do it properly and are insistent on using something like mag-10…just be sure to use tribex and the like to keep your hormones in check. also, the one kid who is 19 took mag-10 and he got pretty big! i was impressed. but who is to say it was not hard training and his own genetics.

you shouldn’t take it your young and have plenty of Testosterone and you are still growing and becoming more physically mature.You are not even at the age where you can make your best gains. I was reading how Sean Bradley was able to put on alot of wait recently partly because he wasa t the age where you can make the best gains mid twenties.You still are growing and filling out at that age I wouldn’t mess it up with mag 10 or steroids of any kind at that age

The biotest guys say that if you are 18, you are old enough to use mag-10. im 18, have been working out for 3 and a half years, and ill be starting a cycle this summer. i havent grown in over 2 years so growth is of no concern to me. if you are still growing, you should avoid prohomes and steriods. otherwise, go for it

No, the Biotest guys say that if you’re 18 you’re legally allowed to use the product. Big difference. I don’t remember TC or Tim urging all the 18-year-olds out there to immediately start in on MAG-10.