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Does Adding Honey to My Post-Workout Protein...

…shake give me the same insulin-spiking effect as adding one of those expensive (and highly caloric) carb supplements to the shake. I also don’t want to buy another expensive supplement powder just for post-workout drinks. Honey contains about 35 grams of carbs per two tablespoons. And it makes the shake taste really good too.

Yes, the natural sugar contained in Honey can definently help with your post-workout regimen.

I doubt in the end it will give you the exact benefits that Surge will seeing as that product has been designed specifically for this catabolic window, but you should get very close.

I usually knock out about 3 cups of Gatorade (or Organic Grape Juice) mixed with Metabolic Drive during and afterwards.

One of honey’s main components is fructose, which must be processed in the liver rather than going to replenish muscle glycogen.

The other component is glucose, which is good for insulin spiking.

In other words…it’s certainly better than nuts, but not quite as effective as a shake. If you’re really worried about costs, you might want to think of buying in bulk.

Thanks, fellas. I had a feeling it was too easy, cheap and tasty to be effective. I was mixing it with either Beverly Muscle Provider or Metabolic Drive. Tastes like cake.