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Does Achieving Low Body Fat Affect Hormone Levels When on TRT?

I know lowering body fat and caloric deficits can diminish hormone production in those who are natural, but how does it effect those who are on TRT? We all know that higher body fat leads to more aromatization, Has anyone decreased their body fat and successful gotten E2 under control without an AI? Anyone have bloodwork to support it?

Yes. If you are one of the very few that NEED an AI and you lose body fat you will decrease the amount of aromatization. I have blood work being done of Friday so I should have results next week. Ive dropped about 35 pounds of fat since my last test. I will post my results in my log.

Last E2 was 65 (Ultrasens), FT - 29.5, TT - 1137 and that was on 140mg cyp a week. Currently I am on 120mg cyp a week but we can do a ratio and see if the E2 has dropped.


Definitely curious to see your after results. Please keep us posted :slight_smile:

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It will probably be Sunday or Monday I get my results and I will put them up in

So watch for it in the forums.

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Here is my N of 1 scientific study:

5/31/2019 - 140mg a week:
Albumin = 4.5
SHBG = 24
TT = 1137
FT = 31.8 (2.8%)
E2 = 65
T/E2 Ratio - 36.3

01/08/21 - 120mg a week:
Albumin = 4.5
SHBG = 30
TT = 964
FT = 23.7 (2.45%)
E2 = 59
T/E2 Ratio - 36.7

No change in amount of aromatization with a 30lb+ fat drop. I still have probably 10 pounds of fat to lose but I would have expected the ratio to drop.


This is great. Thank you

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I dont think you can be that conclusive. You really need both at 140mg per week to decide this.

You might have found that if you were still at a dose of 140 the e2 was now lower than it was before with the higher amount of test (but not as low as now with the lower test), thus having a lower ratio now.

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That’s a good point. Im at 140mg again now so I will test in 6 weeks or so and see where I stand.