Does a Weekly Caloric Deficit Work?

Hey nice people, it is my wish you all are well and enjoying this blessed Sunday!

Goal: to lose fat.
method: exercise + sleep quality + variable daily intake.

Considering the goal and method, does a weekly caloric deficit work?

I believe @The_Mighty_Stu likes doing a weekly over a daily. Or at least I think he mentioned it.


Yes. In my experience it also makes dieting easier.

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This is basically the principal behind a weekly 24hr fast.


The weekly approach let’s you you tailor varying daily deficits based on what your training is for that specific day. Imo it allows for more productive training and better muscle retention over the long term.



Thank you guys. God bless you.

Tomorrow I will start a 30 day experiment.

The main goal is to finish the experiment with a 2250 kcal average intake no matter I do in a daily basis in terms of daily intake.

Fred Hatfield had pretty much the same mind set… basing ones caloric intake on ones pre planned activity level.


Hatfield knew more than many of today’s “experts” give him credit for. Zig Zag dieting and Compensatory Acceleration Training will take you damn far and you won’t need to waste so much time reading the latest online articles each week from self professed experts.



Think about of an “refrigerator door” diet paper.

Day in day out… I make a mistake, but I need to mantain my main goal.

So, in my case, it is more easy to manipulate some amounts of such paper and to balance the caloric intake. My wife is helping me a lot. It is easy to tell her decrease this or increase that to reach the total caloric intake or, even more, protein, fat and carb macros.

out of curiosity, how did you determine that 2250 cal per day is a deficit?

Also, how much of a daily deficit is that below what you believe to be maintenance for you?

Have you determined a macronutrient split that you want to be following (carbs fat and protein), or are you just tracking overall calories?

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Hey flpcollar,

2250 kcal was established by years of trial and error attempts. But it is a very close number of Harris Benedict calculus (1.25 activity factor). It is very hard to determine a bodyfat in my current condition. I think it is greater than 30 and less than 40%. So, RDEE equations such as Katch-Mcardle are not so exact now.

Macros to be followed are ~140-160 g protein, -60-90 g fat, and the remaining amount for carbs.

If some overeating day happens, I am interested in restablish the average 2250 kcal intake in terms by decreasing carbs during the day after.

First time I’ve heard of Compensatory Acceleration Trainin. A quick google and it makes sense and seems like a good idea!

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I’ve had good results with maintaining a weekly caloric deficit, as opposed to a daily deficit. I like to do one fast day per week, and two low calorie days per week, for a total of three ‘deficit’ days per week when losing fat. I schedule the fast for a rest dat, and the two low calorie days for a rest day and an accessory day. I find it far easier than a daily deficit.

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Im currently struggling with this. I was around 245lbs dropped to around 14-1500 calories a day with a cheat meal on saturdays and sundays not bad but not great either. I got down to 198 and was stuck there for 2 months. I upped my weekly palnned days to 16-1700 and dropped down to 195 nut my macros where not right with major problem being protien only hitting 150-180grams a day. Im now at about 14-1600 a day with my protien at around 200 give or take a couple. And im back to hovering at 198-9lbs and my scale says im at 27.1% bodyfat. Im really trying to get down to 185 ish and less than 20%bf. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week mostly strength training. Also 46 years old 6feet tall on trt 100mg a week test ctyp

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Don’t want to hijack this thread (you should probably make your own thread if you’d like help with this), but I suspect that your calorie calculations are off by a large margin. It’s incredibly unlikely that you weigh 200lbs, are lifting 5-6 times per week, and are not losing bodyweight at 1400-1600 calories per day. The weight should be flying off at that kind of deficit.

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Will do on a new thread, thanks. During the week i weigh out all my food and track with the samsung health app i pretty much eat the same thing every day except dinner which i still weigh out. This past saturday on my cheat day i took in 3700 calories which is probably my problem