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Does 5/3/1 Have to Fit into a 7-Day Week?

Hello, first time posting on this forum.
I have a simple question that i can’t seem find the answer to.
Would there be anything wrong with doing 531 with a two days on, one day off approach?

I ask simply because this is the way i like training. The frequency is of course a little higher but it feels more simple to me this way.
I like things simple, that is one of the reasons i love 531 and why i plan on doing “Simplest Strength Template” this way. I just want to make sure that this is not completely ridiculous for some reason. I imagine that the normal schedule is just for the convenience of fitting it into a 7 day week.

Mon: Squat
Thur: Deadlift
Fri: Press
Sat: Off
Sun: Squat
Mon: Bench
Tue: Off
Wed: Deadlift
Thur: Press
Fri: Off
Sat: Squat
Sun: Bench

Conditioning will of course also be don.

My opinion is Go for it. See how you like it. But personally and for most people it’s best to take at least one day off per week. If you do conditioning on the off days you aren’t leaving much down/recovery time.

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it does not have to fit in a 7 day week. Just keep whatever order you do your workouts and get them in when you can - it doesn’t have to fall on a specific day.


In the beyond book, Jim gives 2 different frequency programs that are 6 days per week. That is part of the simplistic beauty of 5/3/1, different programs based on your needs, goals, and lifting personality. I personally train either 5 or 6 days a week on 5/3/1. Mentally that is how I’m geared. Try it out see how it works for you, and adjust for recovery. I will say increasing frequency on 5/3/1 does require better nutrition and recovery methods on your part because you have taken out the programs built in recovery.

Thanks for the reply.
I usually do conditioning in the morning on upperbody days. i feel like it helps with recovery from the lowerbody days the day before.
So the off days is actually full off days. I only do stretching and mobility on off days.

Your week looks fine, if you ever feel the need to take an extra day off though do it. One advantage to doing a 6 day week is if you ever need to skip a day your just back on schedule for a 7 day week which is how its supposed to be anyway.