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Dodging Cravings?


Most of us get hit by cravings, or just really like certain types of foods that are not healthy for us. Just wondering if anyone else has come up with different alternate ways of enjoying our "forbidden" ways.

I enjoy salsa and chips, but I know that isn't really healthy at all (no matter what the package says! lol), but I find that when the craving hits for that, I have replaced it with wasa crackers,healthy salsa, plain greek yogourt, avocodo, and some hot peppers.

I would love to hear about other types of food combinations that others have come up with... thanks


If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a craving.


I L'dOL.

I find that if I know I have a scheduled cheat at some future point, the cravings are bearable. They should eventually decrease to the point where you might not be too interested in whatever it was that used to trip your switches.

I have beer, pizza, ice cream, and chocolate covered pretzels at home, but I'm actually not even tempted. It freaks me out a little. :slightly_smiling:


I hear you on that one, but I am still interested in finding out different food combinations that will help you max ones eating times. I want to make every food item count towards building a healthier me. I don't have the problem of eating junkie foods, because I have always preferred the healthier variety of foods. I am making sure that I include protein, along with good carbs, in every meal and snack that I have.

Thanks for your input.. it is really appreciated...


oh, and I haven't attempted to dodge a wrench, and I hope I never have to!!!! lol


note to self, buy chocolate covered pretzels for cheat day.

Honestly I just have some fish and/or a protein shake and tough it out.

or a protein shake and if you can, a good tv show. I use ninjavideo personally.


Hot tea.

Hot tea worked wonders for me, because a number of my cravings for food are actually just extra time I tend to spend snacking.

So I make tea, which takes up time, and is hot, tasty, and filling. And it reminds me that I'm dieting for a purpose.

And it's just good. You never hear of tea being bad for you or causing cancer.


honestly,take a look at some of the food articles Shugs has written. He has some pretty creative ways to turn not so good foods into healthy dishes.


Yep I find this helps a lot.

It freaks me out too.


That's a really good idea.

Thanks for that.


peanut butter is my kryptonite, I avoid it at all costs, when i do give in i be sure to track my intake to the gram, and pay for it in cardio... makes it less appealing when i know i gotta bust my ass to pay back those calories.

this goes for all sweets/snacks


IMPRESSIVE! I don't keep anything like that around


whenever i get a craving for junk food i just eat a bunch of crisco. that will get rid of any craving really fast.


I never crave sweets really ever, but I am more for the comfort foods. One meal I usually make once a week on Sundays is an Avocado Burger. What you'll need:
Ground Beef (I use 96/4)
1/3 of an Avocado
Ezekial Bread (toasted)
Low Fat Chedar Cheese
Low Fat sour cream

I sparingly spread the bread with the sour cream. Then I add salsa, slice the avocado add that, and sprinkle cheese on top of the avacado. Cook the burger on the foremen grill, during the last 5 mins throw some onions on top put the burger on the cheese so it melts while you wait for it to cool down and enjoy!!!!!!!!

Another food I make on the weekends is Sweet potatoe hashbrowns. I just use a cheese grater and grate a sweet potatoe into a skillet, add a little macademia nut oil, some onions and garlic and add three eggs over easy on top. You get a nice sweet and salty combo going on.....


Just think of having sex with your mother.


Thanks for your input MUthrows... that is exactly what I'm asking for... I don't have cravings for sweets either... I love foods that are more of the spicy variety. I use to indulge in hot air popcorn once in awhile, put now I realize I am not getting anything of value out of it.

I now use plain greek yogourt in place of sour cream(I can not tell the difference in taste). I will definitely be trying out both of your recipes!

I am retraining the way I view food. Instead of just eating, now I am advance planning my meals so I will use the foods correctly. I'm still working out but not with the heavier weights as of yet.I know that I will have to take the next step to get better results. Being new it can be kinda scary. lol..

I am hoping to be posting some pictures soon.


Funny that you should mention tea Otep. Over the christmas holidays I have been drinking a lot of tea. I was never a tea drinker before, but now I am drinking green tea, white tea, and I have found one that has become my favorite, it is called market spice (purchased in bulk at a tea house here in Calgary)

Thanks for everyones input. It is really appreciated...

oh and if i were to choose (a carry over from a different thread) it would be pancakes! lol


I like Blue Bell ice cream. I usually indulge by mixing a post workout shake or a weight gain shake early in the day. Gives me a chance to burn off the bad stuff.


Yea that's exactly how I am, turning down cake is alot easier than say, PIZZA. But, like the things I mentioned before if you look at it from the average person's point of view, it's still pretty darn healthy food and it taste's great. I will definantly have to try greek yogurt I have heard of it before but will try it out for sure thanks for the suggestion.

It's a long road and we will never stop learning. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask good LUCK!!!!!!!!


I like tea too, or some hot water with ACV. Enough of either and you won't be want to snack.