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Dodgin’ Dadbods: WS4SB 1

Then next week it will be SSB squats with a healthy amount of warm-up sets prior to my top set to get the movement down, since I’ve never done it. Then I can do 3x10 on the trap bar, maybe keeping it around 300-ish.

I appreciate the nudge in the right direction - I actually know virtually nothing about westwide barbell training or conjugate in general, and the WS4SB article doesn’t really go into much detail about that front, though it does mention rotating exercises out to avoid fatigue.

Happy to help. Check this out for reading

You could even stick with the trap bar and just change how you pull. Pull from a deficit or set it up on blocks. Or bring the stance in closer or further. All sorts of ways to create variety.

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@mr.v3lv3t - I never got back to you for an update, but I did end up receiving a reply from your company to let me know that the position had been filled. Not disappointed or anything (or surprised, given the lack of experiental overlap), and I know an email to you would suffice, just figured I’d put it out there that you did me a solid by offering to improve my situation, and you deserve recognition for that sort of positivity.
Fortunately, my company pays me decently and can’t afford to fire me - they’re just shitty, soulless bastards. But when I have my degree, I can be out of there ASAP, guilt free, so everything is a-ok.
TL;DR - thanks, sincerely.


if you have some time look into videos on youtube about westside barbell and if finances are not an issue get a copy of the book of method

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Received my t-shirt from that quiz contest from TC a few weeks back, the box was heavy when I got it, was very surprised to find 2 boxes of finibars in them as well! Very nice.

@T3hPwnisher get yours yet?

Edit: just saw you did. Sweet deal.


Sure did. Posted my swag on the contest thread. Sweet find.


Glad I went with the XL. The choice between L and XL is always a nightmare for me - XL can either be perfect or a parachute, and L can sometimes be large or sometimes so small I wonder what the designer’s definition of “large” is. Fortunately it fits nicely.

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Conditioning and Abs

Sit-ups on decline bench holding a 45# plate overhead 4x10

Superset captains chair leg raises 4x20 and Bosu ball crunches 4x10

10 rounds of heavy bag work, 2 min on, 30 sec off. Didn’t start getting tired until halfway through - definitely improving my conditioning and my breathing.

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Haven’t tried mine on yet to be able to see, but I get the struggle just from a smaller perspective. I’ve got no upper torso, so larges can look like sundresses on me if they interpret large to mean “long”, but if they interpret it to mean “wide” it fits my shoulders.

Did you get the red one? It’s SUPER red: I’m going to have to wash it separate from my other clothes at first in case it runs.