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Dodgin’ Dadbods: Hellraiser Solo Training


I would pick overhead presses for delt growth, because they’re better for delt growth- but I would do lateral raises instead of overhead presses if I could only do one of them, because ant/post delts get plenty of work with other exercises and lateral delts combined with a small waist are the main contributors to looking jacked as shit.


I feel my delts doing more work on the laterals since I can isolate them. I don’t always feel them working on OHP with a barbell. I do better with machines or the Smith since I can mentally focus on using them to move the weight without having to worry about balance.


Oh yeah when I standing BB OHP, despite not leaning back my upper chest does a lot of work. Between that and the arms, it’s a better full body movement than delt developer. Machines are good, seated B.B. OHP is good, Smith machine is great, but dumbbells with no lockout are the best overall shoulder mass gainer IMO. There are so many variations for shoulders but it’s so fucking hard to really get the muscle to contract properly.

Couple variations I’ve used recently:
Cable lateral raise with legs split so the cable can go between your legs and keep the weight directly in line with your lateral delts

Incline lateral raise, just lying on an incline sideways makes your start the raise from your sticking point

And a one arm DB press, but leaning sideways on an incline bench like the lateral version, having your upper body at a supported angle makes your shoulders the main support.


I’ve enjoyed cable lateral raises. Constant tension feels good.

On the incline lateral raise, are you working the arm that’s up or down? If your right side is on the bench, do you work your left arm or right arm? I’m long enough that I could put my armpit right at the top of the bench and use the right arm and make it like a lean away lateral raise.


The side that’s not leaning on the bench. CT actually made a video of it but i was doing them before I saw it at a higher incline angle. The first time I did them was the first and one of the only times I’ve experienced side delt DOMS


That looks like a good way to stop the movement before the traps kick in.


Lower B

Single Leg Curls 90 4x8
RDLs 135x10, 185x8, 225x6, 275x4, 315x4, 365x4
Single Leg Extension 70 3x20
Goblet Squat 1.5s (ass to ankles with heels on 2x4, halfway up, back down, all the way up with no lockout) 90lb DB 3x10
Leg Press 290 lbs 1x50 rest pause
Calf raise 60, 80, 100, 120, 140x8
Seated straight leg calf raise 170 3x10


My fuckin legs are blowing up recently, my shorts look like 1960s basketball shorts now


Upper A

Crossovers 3x15
Inc. Bench 190 4x8
Wide Grip Pull-ups pause at bottom, middle, and top 4x8 superset with light lat pulls 4x8
High incline DB 60s 3x15
One arm cable flys 3x10 ea
Cable Rows 4x10
DB Lat Raises 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, 35s x6, 10s x50
50 push-ups rest pause, 18, 15, 10, 7

Woke up with a sore lower back and elbow. Couldn’t do chest supported rows today, or the rack pulls. Just worked hard on keeping negatives retardedly slow.



Hammer Curls 45 5x8
Tri ext 4x15 superset with close grip pushups
Cable one arm curls 4x10
One arm pushups 3x5 each arm

Prowler sprints 10x25m sled+45
Elbow supported leg raises 3x20
Crunches 3x50

Seated Calf Raise 5x15




Nice post @JMaier31 about that guy going for police academy. I didn’t want to say it in there to beat the guy down but I’m glad you stepped up and didn’t bullshit him - being fat in any military or law enforcement agency is a disgrace. I know people back home who are fit as fuck and have waited for a year to get into the academy - how is it that a 275 lb 5’7 guy was even selected? Just curious about the process.


The pool is shallow these days. The great candidates are somehow disqualified for stupid shit (at least here) so we’re struggling to find “qualified” applicants.

My agency things a juvenile shoplifter is a DQ. The “Detective” who does the first interview has zero life experience and is narrow minded. She tried to tell a guy that hitting a player with a hockey stick during a hockey game was aggravated battery - a felony! No, dumbass, it’s a two minute penalty if you’re caught.

We end up with kids who aren’t ready to fight for their lives. It’s not their fault. They want to be cops. It’s our job to prepare them and tell them to come back in a few years if they’re not ready.


Leg Day

Single Leg Curl 60 4x15
SLDLs with pause at bottom 135, 185, 225, 275x6, 315x4 no pause on the 315
Leg Extension 170 3x20
Goblet Squats heels elevated 55 3x20
Leg Press 380 4x10, 290 1x10 slow negatives, heels close together
Wall Sit 3x30 sec


Not much time at the gym since the daycare closed early today so I threw together a quick upper body day

Seated B.B. shoulder press 95, 135, 155x10, 185x3 superset with Pull-ups (pause halfway up, at top, and halfway down) 4x8
Incline DB Press 70s 4x10 superset with cable rows 4x15
One arm pushups 3x6 each arm superset with one arm cable rows 3x10 ea
Prowler sprints 8x20m
Didn’t take longer than 20 seconds rest the whole time and got through this in just over 45 mins, then had to carry my kids out to the car trying not to throw up. Miserable.


Lower Day

Single Leg Curl 90 lbs 4x10
RDLs 135, 225, 275, 315x5
Single Leg Extension 70 lbs 3x15
Goblet Squat Heels on Board 60 3x20
Leg Press 380 5x8

Had a couple too many drinks last night with the wife and had to power through this with a bit of a hangover. Not a fun day. My wife was so upset that I made her do leg day. Then it snowed here in VA so I went out and bought a sled for my kids (which was dangerous because VA has no contingency plan for over a foot of snow and the main roads are just unplowed messes) and then spent like 30 times carrying toddlers and a sled up a hill in a foot of snow. It was awesome though. Being a dad is the shit.


Really good work in here flapp!


Thanks buddy, I check on your log too and you’re doing great. Deadlift form getting good, strong squats.


Upper A

Crossovers 3x15
Inc Bench 190 4x8 didn’t increase weight since last time I rushed through the reps a bit. Went slower. Want to work up to 2 plates for 4x8
Pull-ups pause halfway and at top BWx8, +25x6, +45x3, BWx5
Incline benches were used up so high incline cable press 4x10
Single arm cable rows 5x10
@kd13 tried landmine squeeze presses for a chest finisher, 3x20. Certainly felt them in my upper chest. Still felt more shoulder dominant but I think my form was probably geared more towards the traditional setup so I can try to incorporate these more.
Straight arm pull downs 4x15
Tri extension 3x20 superset with push-ups 3x10
21s 60lbs x3
Band tri extension x100
Band curls x100


Great that you tried it out, it may take a bit of playing with to get just right. The main thing I think when doing them is raising my biceps up and pushing them into my chest, the other thing is shrugging the shoulders up a bit in the same manner of that athlelean x cross body raise shrug thing, but that may agitate shoulder a bit.

So many great chest exercises so if it doesn’t suit you it’s not the end of the world. If I had a choice I would probably not use it very often if I had access to cables to do single arm cross body presses or machines. Options are a little limited from home.