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Dodgin’ Dadbods: Fortitude Training

It’s because the RDA for protein is so low that it doesn’t take much to be considered “protein packed”. When the government recommends only 50g a day, 8g a serving is HUGE

Excited to see how this goes for you dude!

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Today’s food:

2 eggs and 2 egg whites for breakfast.

Leftover texas chili for lunch.

Leftover turkey that I chopped, and tossed with diced cucumber, a quarter cup of chopped cashews, and some lite mayonaise mixed with a tablespoon of white wine vinegar, to turn into a nice chicken salad kinda thing.

Dinner’s salmon with avocado salad.

Lifting is tier 2 day 1 - legs are a teeny bit sore after the hour bike yesterday but it won’t affect anything strength-wise.

Also the next 2 weeks are BRUTAL as I finish up anatomy and physiology II. Got a module test at the end of the week for the last two chapters, and then next week is a comprehensive exam covering the second half of the class, and a final covering all 16 chapters. What’s the point of having a 2nd midterm and a final in the same week? I don’t know either.


Fortitude Training: Cycle 2, Tier 2: Loading/Pump Sets

Loading Sets

Leg Press
520x10, 520x8 drop to 470x6

Leg Extensions

Hyperextensions with 20# behind head

Adductor Machine
110x13, 8 rest pause

120 4x12

Pump Sets

Decline Cable Chest Press
42.5 2x25
Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Row
2 plates and a 25 per side 1x25, 1x18 drop to 2 plates x12 drop to 1 plate x15

Lateral Raises
15s 2x30
Leg Raises on bench
BW 2x30

Pullups to failure
Diamond pushups to failure

Dunnzo. Cooking salmon now - bowl of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and avocado with lite italian dressing on the side.


Hey Flap/all, I’m back on the forum just getting around to everyone. How have you been? In lifting and in life?


Hey hey, you strong mf’er, everything is well, though busy and hectic, I’m grinding it out.

I assume you’ve been pretty busy too. Thanks for dropping in!

Spill the beans - whatcha been up to?

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Ye busy. It’s been a long time. I’ve been working full time as a teacher and studying towards a masters. Since COVID restrictions have eased have tried to get out more and spend time with friends, family and bit of dating.

Balancing training with life has been tough this year but made some gains. Just looking out for an opportunity to do a first powerlifting meet at this point.

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I feel your pain, dude. A lot of my log in the past year and a half has been detailing my current lifestyle of trying to be a present dad and husband while working full time and going to school.

I got into nursing school last month - so that’s a cool update. I start (along with clinicals) in January.


Forgot to log Wednesday’s Session (3 days ago). It consisted of 3 loading sets for back, which I chose weighted pullups, close grip pulldowns, and hammer strength rows for, 2 loading sets for chest, which I did weighted dips for, and 2 for shoulders, which I tried a nautilus shoulder press that my gym has, which felt good in the upper position but a bit awkward in the lower position, as many shoulder machines that I’ve tried do. I imagine shoulder machines are probably the most difficult thing to try to fit all different types of body structures. There were also pump sets for the legs, and I just did single leg press and a plate loaded single leg curl.

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Yesterday was muscle rounds for lower body

Smith Machine Squats - narrow stance, feet maybe 3 inches in front of where they’d be, allowing for knees to travel well past toes, and upper body staying upright.
225 6x4

Reverse Stance Hack Squat Machine - narrow stance as well, so plenty of knee bend again but is by design a bit more hamstring intensive
200 6x4

Plate Loaded Single Leg Curl, 3 second negatives
90 6x4

For calves - I did my favorite circuit for lower legs, which is standing calf raises for a heavy set of 10, straight to seated calf raises for a heavy set of 20, and then into tibialis raises for the shins for 30 reps. 3 rounds of that. The muscle rounds just don’t do it for me with calves, really.

Biceps were reverse grip curls with a 60# fixed EZ bar

Abs - again, muscle rounds not doing it for me - lying leg raises on bench
3 sets of 30. Very painful.


Aaaaand today, upper body muscle rounds

High-to-low hammer strength row
3 plates per side 6x4

Isolateral hammer strength row (mid back)
3 plates per side 6x4

Rope Pullovers
“10” 6x4

Decline Cable Chest Press
47.5 per handle 6x4

Incline DB Press
70s 6x4

Lateral Raises
15s 2x50

Diamond Pushups
2 x failure



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I was motivated by the string bean kid next to me doing “lateral raises” with 40s for sets of 6.


Aka “full-body contortions with the shoulders as pivot points” :joy:

I once witnessed truly impressive lateral raise partials. An enormous man whose upper body was the size of a traffic barrel did legit, seated lateral raise partials with 65-ppund dumbbells. Only once in my life have I witnessed such a feat.


A guy showed up to the school gym once. Warmed up with a 2 plate bench, worked up to 4 plates for easy looking sets of 5 , then did a superset of strict curls with the 75s superset with shoulder press with the 110s

I think everyone in the gym that day got a bit of an ego check…



Fortitude Training: Cycle 2, Week 2, Day 1: Loading/Pump Sets

Was very pressed for time but managed a good workout.

Leg Press
520 2x12 (that’s a PR)

Smith Machine Squats, close stance
225 1x12

Hyperextensions with 30# fixed BB behind head

Skipped the adductor machine and calves

Decline Cable Chest Press
42.5 per hand x20
Giant drop set:
17.5 hold for 1 minute fully flexed

Lat Pulldowns
“12” 2x25

Definitely a heavily modified workout but it was good nonetheless. My leg presses feel just awesome - again, my heels are at the bottom of the stand and I’m inside of shoulder width, so when I come down my knees are WAY over my toes. I can lift more weight with the high and wide stance that puts my knees at parallel but my quads get hit much better this way and my knees feel better than they ever have.

The same thing happens with the smith machine. Yes, I can rep out a lot of weight if I do the wide stance with my feet well in front of the bar to get that 90 degree leg stance at parallel, but that’s just a hamstring and adductor exercise. This way is like 90% quads, and my ass hits my ankles at the bottom. Failure on that exercise is when I start good morning-ing the weight up, meaning my hips shoot back.

Also, for the millionth time, nothing gives me a better hamstring pump than hyperextensions on the roman chair with weight behind your head, as opposed to holding a plate to your chest or holding a barbell below you. Spicy turkey meatballs are on the menu tonight. Have some chickpea pasta and sauteed shrimp left over from last night.


Do leg reps PRs even count :joy:

Looks like some good honest hard work in here as always. You got any tris coming up?

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He’s the meme of the guy who brags about his leg press PR lol


Haha, it’s a weird idea - what PR’s count and what don’t. It’s definitely not a weight PR on leg press - only with this particularly limiting form - but with only 2 heavy sets in a workout, tracking weight and PR’s is really the only way to progress.

And nope, no triathlons at the moment - had mine in October and with school I can’t get much time to drive to the swim gym 30-40 minutes away.

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Mate no flame from me, the fact you track and make progress is what it’s all about. Shame about the triathlons but I get it. Sometimes (always) work and family have to come first.


Don’t let me get off that easy - I should have put a confession in the FFC thread for counting leg press PR’s. It’s open season on me in here, haha.