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Dodgin’ Dadbods: Fortitude Training

Way to go! I reintroduced deadlifts for clusters with the recent addition of straps, as my grip won’t last due to heavier weights. You simply can’t go wrong with basic movements.

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Ab Day:

Leg raises on captain’s chair (no swinging, all controlled)

Med Ball Crunches

Kneeling Ab Wheel

Nautilus Ab Crunch

Git 'er done.

Week 5 of fortitude training starts tomorrow. A “rest” week will follow, and then I’m gonna restructure my volume tier progression for the next 5 weeks after that.


Half pound no-bun cheeseburger, salad, and a side dish where I took an onion and sautéed it in a little EVOO, added garlic, and dumped 2 cans of black beans, 2 cans of kidney beans, and 2 cans of chick peas (all rinsed) in, added a cup of chicken broth, a couple tablespoons of chili powder, a couple teaspoons of paprika, salt and pepper and let it all simmer down and slow cook. I have a huge Tupperware full of the bean mix in my fridge and it goes well with everything.

Diet has been on point recently, and my gut is reacting accordingly.


That’s most hardcore ab day I’ve ever seen dude! You’d laugh at what I do for abs lol

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I definitely spent most of my life treating them as an afterthought. Now I try to give them their own hypertrophy day.

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Week 5, Day 1, Turbo Tier 2, Loading and Pump Sets


Smith Machine Squats, close stance
2 plates and a 25 2x12

Leg Extensions

Hyperextensions with 20# fixed curling bar behind head


Adductor Machine


Standing Calf Raise
120 3x12
Seated Calf Raise
90 3x10
Tibialis Raise
70 3x15


Decline Cable Chest Press
42.5/handle 2x25
Lat Pulldowns
“11” 2x25

Cable Y-Raises
“3” 2x25

OH Rope Tri Extension
Cable Straight Bar Curl
finished by going directly into band tri extensions to failure and band curls to failure

Abs were fried today, so crunches fit the bill.

I’ve made a modification the past couple weeks of taking my 4 calf loading sets and making into a giant set of standing/sitting calf raises and tibialis raises, which really hits the whole lower leg. I’ll probably switch back to the 4 loading sets and for my 3 exercises, just do standing, sitting, and donkey calf raises as my A/B/C rotation, and do the tib raises on my own time, but for now it’s working well and is appropriately brutal.



Tuesday was Week 5/Day 2, wednesday was a 25 mile bike ride, thursday and friday were week 5 days 3 and 4 (muscle rounds). I’m wondering if my professor is spying on me and scheduling exams for every important event in my life. The bulk of this class is online, with some in-person labs, and so my tests are scheduled to be taken by a certain date, meaning I can take them beforehand if need be, I’m just recorded on my webcam and can’t move my head out of the screen or look around (which is super annoying, since I look upwards to recall information).

I had one the weekend of the bachelor party I had to go to, so I had to take that 3 days early.

I had one the weekend of my triathlon, so I had to take that 2 days early.

I had one due on Halloween, and took that early.

…and I had one due this weekend, my sister-in-law’s wedding, and took that like 4 days early.

A few days early might not seem a lot, but the week of the test is spent on the first chapter of information for the next test, so it’s just nonstop and every day counts. Been a lot of cramming, which I can do, and I can learn information super quick and ace a test without a problem, but it’s a lot of extra work afterwards because cramming does not commit information to long-term memory, and I have a final on the second half of the class and a cumulative exam.

ANYWAYS, I’m on a “rest week”, which will just be mostly muscle rounds, cardio, and a bit of a caloric deficit. I’m deciding what my next blast will be. I much prefer the basic version to the turbo version. The main difference seems to be that the turbo version is 4 days of full body, with heavy lower/pump upper, heavy upper/pump lower, and 2 days of full body muscle rounds, and the basic is exactly the same except the muscle rounds are one day upper, one day lower - I like the split of full body - full body - upper - lower more than I do 4x full body.

I like the idea of tier 2 - 2 - 1 - 3 - 3. Starts strong, gives a short taper in preparation for a two week high volume blast, and then I get another rest week after overreaching a bit. @pettersson @Voxel @davemccright what tier rotation did you guys do initially, and did any of you switch it up or run another “blast” afterwards?


Just caught up in here, so much awesome stuff going on in here crushing it as always, honestly it’s the life stuff that inspires me more than the training, and you’re killing it on every front. Love the commitment to the nursing stuff, not just getting it done, not just recalling it for the sake of passing exams but seriously getting it embedded and “knowing” it, your future patients will be lucky to have you as their nurse!

Are we getting some some physique update photos anytime soon? Given your diet and training you must be in phenomenonial shape!


Thanks dude!

Yeah, I think im gonna start a bit of a deficit and cut a few pounds, and give a physique update in a few weeks. I feel as if I’ve put on some muscle for sure - in fact, I’m sure I have, as I was doing mostly cardio based training for a while, but my hope is that I’ve gone above where I was prior to that.

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Man, I screwed FT up by doing a lot of things outside the gym because I felt my volume was being kept in check by FT. In theory I see nothing wrong with what you have planned. Another idea other than changing tiers is changing to the “on the road”-style (muscle rounds only).

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My first blast was 1 week at tier 1, 2 weeks at tier 2, and 3 weeks at tier 3, with the final 2 being turbo. That was a really great blast for me. My second blast pretty much Turbo Tier II the entire time with some Tier III workouts 2 of the 4 days of the week for the last two weeks.

I wasn’t recovering quite as well the second time around, so I’m thinking my structure for the blast wasn’t as sound. When I return to Fortitude, I would ideally structure it how I did it the first time I think.

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Thanks for asking! Glad you’re killing it with FT combined nursing (a little secret is I used to be a nurse too, was into the ER and paramedicine for about 5 years, before getting into medschool).

Re FT I’m not sure I am much of an example to compare to. Formulated a family man hybrid with the help of Dangerous Dave, twice weekly full body mix of one Upper or Lower focused + a muscleround. “Blasted” this way for 3 months with a good outcome.

With that in consideration, I did Tier 1 for a month (to learn the program and weights) followed by Tier 2 until the end. Tried Tier 3 on two different workouts, but I felt it was too time consuming for me. Prioritized the loaded stretches overall.


@pettersson @davemccright @Voxel thanks for the input, fellas.

I’m almost done with my “deload” week - it has so far featured 2 full body workouts - one with just one top set for thighs/quads/hams/chest/back, one with a muscle round for all those parts - and a 25 mile bike ride yesterday. Todays gonna be all pump set supersets - with a bit of an emphasis on upper body.

I’m going to start a cut pretty soon. I think, with thanksgiving next week, I’m going to do a reverse volume progression - tier 3 next week, with LOTS of food, and then I’m going to enter my cut for ~2 months, meaning just one week of tier 3, and then tier 2 for as long as I can stand it while I’m cutting calories, and then down to tier 1 at the bottom of the cut if necessary.


This actually makes a lot of sense to me since you are gradually reducing calories and thus your ability to recover. Reducing the volume seems very intuitive here. This is a clever way of looking at it!

Another aspect that Scott Stevenson preaches is focusing a lot of calories around the post workout window, as he believes that food will mostly get used up and not stored as fat in this window. He likes to do 120 grams of whey protein with a box of cereal for instance. This is probably excessive for your cut, but it might be something to consider as a “hack” to maintain satiety on your diet and give you something to look forward to on training days.


Not forgetting FT is actually a bulking program of sorts. I really like Stevensons way of expressing diet recommendations: “Here’s a way of doing it, but if what you are doing works you may stick with it”.

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If SS classifies it as a “bulking” program I can’t argue, but given there are 3 tiers of volume and the bottom one is pretty damn low, it seems to me to be a great way to drop calories and still be able to train using the system.

But yeah - he’s great at giving you enough knowledge that you don’t need to follow his every word forever (hence the “be your own BBing coach” thing, I suppose).

Dayum. I dunno - on cuts I kind of don’t worry about “satiety” that much. I mean - I don’t starve myself or anything, but I just kind of get into the mindset that I’ll have to be more hungry. I do definitely eat the bulk of my calories around training though, gain/loss/maintain.

I kind of want to experiment with a bit of what Eugene Te’o was mentioning in his thread - he’s just getting enough protein and very few other things. I could probably hang with that. Just fish, chicken, beef, eggs, and some veggies and I’m good. I’ve been eating less carbs these days but there’s enough of them sprinkled in that just eliminating them will put me in a solid deficit without me having to eat any less protein or fat.


Class continues to take up much of my time.

Today was a 4 hour dissection of this bad boy, beginning with

and ending with

…all on my dining room table.

The dissection wouldn’t take as long if I didn’t have to take tons of pictures in all different positions. Cutting, cleaning my hands, using my phone, uploading it to my computer, etc.

Anyways, just a couple more weeks of this class and then a month break before I start my first semester of nursing school.


Best of luck man. I’m looking forward to hearing the updates you post during nursing school and especially during your clinical rotations.

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Great dissection flap. Uhh what is that creature?

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I love bullshitting around in my log, but I think most of us - or at least, the people who I most identify with on here - can agree that the best part of our training logs are when someone comes in and tells us that they benefited from reading our experiences in some way. I hadn’t really thought of nursing school, but a log of a couple years of nursing school and clinicals could be a REALLY cool resource for some people.