Dodgin’ Dadbods: Fortitude Training

This is the way. Also no mayo based sauces for me but I understand that’s not everyone’s rule.


Yeah, my wife loves the spicy mayo sauce they put on some of them but I just love regular sushi too much to waste any stomach space on that stuff, haha.

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I like your way of making leg day - a true leg day! I did that myself earlier this week, and it felt good. Yes, the 6th microset is indeed a sensation to be felt. Keep going!

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Week 3, Day 4, Tier 3: Muscle Rounds

All exercises for 6 sets of 4 reps (except lateral raises), rest-pause style with 5 deep breaths between sets

Hammer strength plate loaded high to low row
3 plates per side 6x4

Close grip cable row
“13” 4x4, “11” 2x4

Wide grip weighted pullups
+25 6x4

Rope pullovers
“8” 6x4

Incline DB Bench
75s 4x4, 70s 2x4

Cybex Chest Press
150 6x4

Pec Deck
140 6x4

Freemotion Shoulder Press (back not on pad)
“12” 6x4

Rear delt flys
20s 6x4

Machine lateral raise
30 6x10

Diamond Pushups, 5 second eccentrics

Stretches were all at the last rep of the last exercise of each muscle group.

So for back, after the last rope pullover rep I held on and let the weight pull on my lats as I resisted at like 99% extension. For chest, I held the weight stack just above touching with my chest stretched after the last rep. For delts, the lateral raise machine is standing so I just stood forward and let it pull my hands together behind me, stretching my shoulders. Only triceps were different, getting up and using a tricep rope set to a heavy cable stack and letting it pull them behind my head.


Week 4, Day 1, Turbo Tier 2, Load & Pump Sets


SSB Squats, usual slow negatives and ass to grass with heels elevated
240 2x12

Leg Extensions, slow negatives
200 1x12

Single leg ham curls, slow negatives
70 1x12 each leg

Giant Set of:
Standing Calf Raises 100 3x12
Seated Calf Raises 90 3x12
Tibialis Raises 70 3x15

^ this was in lieu of the 4 loading sets for calves, as I was running short on time.


Adductor Machine
125x12, 7, 4


Cable high-to-low crossovers
42.5# each handle 2x25
Lat Pulldowns, shoulder width grip
“10” 2x25

Lateral Raise Machine, super slow
20 2x25
Ab crunch machine
125 2x25

EZ bar curls
Diamond Pushups

Regular leg stretches, holding the stretched position of the last rep of crossovers for chest, pulldowns for back, and the lateral raise machine for shoulders (let the handles pull my arms to touch behind me as I step forward).


Everything is coming together for nursing school. Have to have a third party company confirm all my vaccinations, so I got my old form from the ‘90s faxed over, and then had to get a blood test to show immunity for varicella (chicken pox, I still have very strong immunity) and that I’m tuberculosis free. Then had a physical, and have to just take a slightly more in depth CPR course for healthcare providers. Did the online portion today, have my in person testing Saturday. Will be doing clinicals in hospitals by mid January.

Otherwise, still rocking a high A in A&P II, which is noticeably more difficult than it’s predecessor. Very glad I took it by itself and not with the 5 nursing classes I’ll be taking next semester.


Do you have a specific direction you want to go with nursing, like pediatrics, surgical, cardiac, etc.?

The end goal is to be a nurse practitioner, but time will tell how long I work as an RN before that happens, and I think I’m cool with really anywhere, surgical especially - but the real question for me is whether or not I could handle pediatrics. I might have been able to before I had kids, but I just don’t know now.

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Week 4, Day 2, Turbo Tier 2, Load & Pump Sets


Dual Arm Hammer Strength Row
200 2x12

Incline Bench
185 2x12

Chest Supported Row, wide grip, mid-back
90 1x12

Seated BB Shoulder Press
135x12, 115x12

Cable Y-Raises


Leg Press
340x25, 340x20

Lunges with 30# DBs
30 each leg


Zig zagged between the rows and the incline bench - everything else was straight sets. Can’t really do full zig zagging all the time when equipment’s being taken up, plus I risk losing what I’m sitting on when I walk away.


My best buddy’s mom just became a psychiatric N.P. and loves it. Salary’s pretty good too, I think. It’s definitely an area I’d consider doing if I wanted to go into the nursing field, which has been considered.

I don’t know if I could stomach surgical stuff, haha. Maybe, who knows.

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Haha, it’s the surgical stuff that fascinates me. Not at all squeamish. The psychological stuff - that’s a different kind of stress that you take home with you to your family.


By the time they’re all prepped and ready it’s just a bunch of blue tarps with a small opening/part exposed. At least for mine anyways. I’m sure a cesarean section or lung transplant is different. They left me awake without sedation up until it was time to get into the artery on my last stent, mainly because me and the nurse are pretty much neighborhood neibors and were talking about fishing.

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I’d 100% go surgical too, next on the list would be some specialty acute care. On the never, ever, side of things would be psych and family medicine.

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Exactly. The human body is fascinating. Dealing with trauma victims, abused babies, or children with bone cancer? I’m so thankful that there are people who do that, I just don’t know if I can - or, I should say, I don’t know if I could objectively treat them without bringing my own emotions into the mix.

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Week 4, Day 3, Turbo Tier 2, Muscle Rounds


Leg Press
500 5x4, 460 1x4

Freemotion Step-Ups (a machine where you hold cables by your side and step up on a platform)
60# each handle, 6x4 each leg (4 on one leg, 4 on another, no rest just alternating sets on legs)

Donkey Calf Raise
170 6x4

Cybex Lat Pulldown
200 6x4

Pec Deck
110 6x4

Seated BB OHP
140 6x4

Hammer Curls
40’s 6x4, same as step ups - 4 one arm, 4 the other, back and forth with no rest

Did my stretches, nothing special, just a deep stretch after every bodypart.


Week 4, Day 4, Turbo Tier 2, Muscle Rounds


330 6x4

Cybex Dual Arm Row
200 6x4

Decline Cable Press
“12” 6x4

Cable Y-Raise
“4” 6x4

PJR Pullovers
50 6x8

Hack Squats
180 6x4

Seated Leg Curl
110 6x4

Seated Calf Raise
115 6x4

Nautilus Ab Crunch
140 6x4

Ate an absolute buttload of salmon tonight.



Salmon is the food I can eat the most of. There’s something about it that makes it easy to eat by the pound.


Yup. A little bit of baked asparagus, and a salad with chopped orange peppers and cucumbers, and probably 1.5 pounds of salmon, and I honestly didn’t feel stuffed. I have another couple pieces that I’m gonna cook for tonight.


Did an hour bike ride today, great sweat. Traps and mid back are absolutely smoked from deads yesterday - it’s been too long since I did them.