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Dodgin’ Dadbods: DC-inspired

Don’t delete your post! All info and suggestions are welcome.

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Responded to a super old post :rofl:… it said March 18, thought that meant the 18th not 2018… yeah sure will do.

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Just an arms day.

Bicep pull-ups - I take one arm and supinate the hand with the hand right above my head, and another arm is stretched out at the end of the pull-up bar, just helping enough to do a one arm chin with the supinated arm.
x5 each arm = 1 set, 4 sets total
One arm cable curls 4x15

Close Grip Bench

One arm pushups
3 sets of 8 each arm

Supersetted band pulldowns and band curls with a thick green band for a buttload off reps

Preacher one arm cable curls
5 sets of 10 each arm

100 diamond pushups


How many sets did you have to break this into. Bet you were already pretty fatigued by this point

I did 30 the first set, and then just did rest-pause sets of 10 the rest of the time. The last two sets of 10 had some back bending for sure.

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Quads. Fuck my life.

Leg extension

Hack Squat
1 plate each side x10
1 +25 x8
2 plates x6
2 +25 x4
1 plate x20

Leg Press, heels touching
200x10 was so dead, couldn’t keep ramping weights up

Leg Extension

Did some calves and stumbled out of the gym. I really pushed myself on this one. Felt great. And horrible.


I love these but it’s rare to find the preacher curl set up attached to the cable station. I’d have to haul the preacher curl thing about 100 feet to get to the nearest cable column and then it’d just be a clumsy, crowded mess.

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Nah dude, roll an adjustable incline bench over to the cable station, with the seat closest to the handle, and hook up a handle. Put the bench at 30-45 degrees, depending on the height of it, and since you’re tall like me, kneel behind it with your armpit where your head would normally go on the bench, and use the seat back as a preacher platform.


Also, since the problem with a cable preacher is often the angle of the cable being too low, adjust the cable handle a bit higher, so that when your arm is all the way curled, the cable pulley is more perpendicular to your forearm, not running along it like it usually is.

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I’ll have to try that and see if my biceps tendon allows it.

I once sat on the floor and put a phys ball between my legs. I put my upper arms and elbows on the ball like a preacher curl but they were parallel with the ground instead of at an angle. I did heavy sets of 10 with the EZ curl bar attachment. I recall nearly blacking out on several reps due to my intense bracing as I finished out sets. I don’t know why I don’t do that these days but it was intense.

Have you ever done them where one hand is supinated right above you, and the other hand is wrapped around that one’s wrist? I haven’t done them they way you described but I imagine they’re somewhat similar.

That burned! Just seeing this first on the list makes all the other exercises that much worse lol

Evening workout:
A 10 mile ride around town with this new bad boy:

10 miles ain’t much, but towing a 30 lb trailer with a 30 lb 2 year old and a 40 lb 3 year old definitely makes you feel every mile. Combine that with the fact that my quads feel like they’re gonna explode, and I was sweating balls. We BOMBED IT DOWN HILLS though, people were cheering because my oldest was screaming “WOOHOOOOOOO” every time I went fast. Only $130! Great investment. Also has an attachable front wheel and rear handle with a brake to convert it into a double stroller! God, I sound like such an old pussy. Less than a decade ago I was a wild motherfucker. Weird to be here, but I wouldn’t change it.


Quad cramps again. It’s pretty much part of my routine at this point. I made my Thai chicken soup again, and when I sat down to eat was the first time I’d sat all day. Got up and felt the wrath of the quads. My wife thinks it’s hilarious.

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That seat looks horribly low. If you never adjusted it after that picture, getting it set right will be a game changer for you.

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MY seat? Oh it’s definitely low - I got my wife a bike a couple days ago and she had been riding my bike up until then. Not being able to stretch my legs on the pedals is miserable, haha.

I remember the days of towing the kids around. Was more fun once they got their own bikes though! Your at a fun age with 2 and 4. A lot of work and patience, but fun all the less

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I want to try Doggcrapp training, but I honestly don’t know if I can hit 450g of protein in a day…

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I wish I had something like that when my kids were that young. Now even my granddaughters are older than that… Damn old age.

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Chest day

High to Low
Warmup 6 on the stack x25, 9x25
Low to High
Mid, even with shoulders
12x8 drop to 6x10 drop to 3x12

Incline DB
Warmup 35s x10, 55s x10
75s x10
80s x8, drop to 40s x10
85s x6, drop to 45s x10, drop to 30s x15

High incline smith bench, 5 second eccentrics
185x4, drop to 135x6, drop to 95x10

gasp assisted dips x20. BW form was slipping hard and I do not fuck around with dips, especially not after 16 work sets and 4 double drop sets

10, 6, 3 rest pause, squeezing chest in between. Absolutely spent all my effort.

Shredded beef enchiladas tonight, kids down for a nap at the moment but a bike ride with the trailer is on the menu for later.

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