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Dodgin’ Dadbods: DC-inspired

I have deadlifted more than both of you (for now, Hog), but you both use way more weight than I do on RDLs. I don’t think I’ve ever used more than 275 and I’m usually using 185-225.

I still get plenty of DOMS and work done so I find it strange when I see you guys using so much more weight.

Do you feel more hamstrings or lower back muscles when you guys do it?

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I definitely feel a bit of a lower back pump, but as long as I keep 100% of my focus on achieving a hamstring stretch at the bottom of each rep, I feel more hamstrings. Combine that with the fact that I start light and superset it with DB RDLs, and my hamstrings feel seriously swollen after the third set.

And really - RDLs are my only heavy movement for hamstrings. I do lunges and wide stance leg press/hack squat and all that jazz, but I don’t do regular deadlift and it’s my one chance to load the hams with some real weight.

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It builds what it builds :joy:

Love this.

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Thanks man, and I appreciate you checking out the log, I’ll make sure to reciprocate!

Back and some shoulders

Rack Pulls just below knee


Weighted Pull-ups
+90x1 failed on 2 hard, even tried using some leg kicking but the rack pulls drained me a bit, I usually do pull-ups first #excuses

Cable Rows
5 on the stack x20
Behind The Neck Pull-ups, pausing with neck against bar

Behind the Neck BB Seated Press
135x12 (PR)

One arm Smith Row (standing perpendicular to bar, rowing the BB with one hand)
95x20 ea
115x15 ea
135x8 ea

Just for clarification, 135 on a Smith is NOT 135. It’s a 45 on each side. I know the smith BB is on a fixed track and is lighter than 45 lbs, I just don’t know what it’s true weight is and I don’t care enough to find out. It’s lighter than 135 lbs. Had to put that out there.


I’ve been checking in for a while, I just have very little to add in terms of training.

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Those are some good rack pulls.

When you do this type of stuff are you going to failure (or close) on each set?

The bar on a Smith Machine is 15 pounds.

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Not all of them. The one at my work gym is 25 lbs. You have to find the sticker.

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It also doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re tracking progression consistently the same way. It’s not like you’re going to be competing in a Smith Machine contest…


Yeah, that’s true. @flappinit just look the name of it up online and find the bar weight that way.

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@activitiesguy @liftangryordie500 ehh, that’s my point - it’s just easier for me this way. Everyone knows a smith 135 isn’t 135, so I don’t need to do any extra calculations.

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Right, that’s what I meant, haha. I would do the same thing in your position. Just call a 45 on each side “135” and track it that way.

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Yes, sort of. I could pump out an extra 5-10 reps of each weight on the rows, but I use super slow eccentrics and squeezes at the top of the concentric to make it a near-failure set.


I just track the weight I add to machines like leg press. Like you said, no one cares. It’s just so I can keep track of what I’m doing.

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Your volume suggests that no matter what the workout is that you can always find a way to crank out 5-1000 more reps. You sure your human?


I know people say that you don’t have to kill yourself every workout, but I like doing it. It was ingrained in me, in the Marines, that “nobody can slay you like you can slay yourself.” On a 20 mile hike with 70 lbs of gear on your back, a rifle/helmet/ammo/water and passing around a 60 lb .50 cal receiver, you want to give up 1 mile in, but somehow you just put one foot in front of the other. I leave the gym drenched in sweat - every time I lean over a stream of sweat splatters all over the floor, I actually have to spend a good amount of time cleaning equipment after I use it because I feel bad.

But most importantly, pwnisher is way stronger and less human than I. I ask the same question about him sometimes, his log is motivating as shit.


Man try some weighted carry and medibe ball throws against ground or wall with dead lifts between sets. Or the weighted push machine . Like a cart you push around. Great full body work.

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Epic post here love all the info thanks guys.

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