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Dodgin’ Dadbods: DC-inspired

For the second time today, F that.

But I could tolerate this. that’s only like three or four jumps and I’d be really motivated to cover some ground on the jumps so I could do less burpees.

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Nothing worse going into a session with a plan only to have to do it arse about face because of other people camping at the places you need.


If I started with these, they’d be cake, but after the first stretch my jumps turned into wimpy shuffles and I was stuck doing way too many burpees, which killed me.

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Yeah, and I really don’t mind if it’s people working hard but it’s always extra annoying when it’s someone talking to someone on wireless headphones. You just can’t be doing anything worthwhile besides LISS if you’re able to talk. Last week, my wife was on the assisted pull up machine (she can do pull-ups, but she ain’t doing 14 pull-ups with 6 5-second negatives), and talking to her sister at the same time. Right before she went on for her second set I dropped the weight assist by like 3 plates before she got on, and when she finished her set she just sat there panting for a minute before she could talk again. I was like “sorry, no point in you doing this workout with me if you can talk during sets.” Fortunately she’s a champ and knows me. I love her working out with me, but if she’s in the mood to just chill, which happens, she knows to go do her own thing.


The worst gym I ever trained in was the local council run leasure centre. We had just moved area and this gym was only a 5 min drive away, so I thought happy days very convenient… well day one i soon realised this was going to be major challenge. The majority of the members in the morning were pensioners, they would do a set and sit there for 10 mins before the next one. The whole atmosphere was like a day in the doctors waiting area at busy hour, all you heard was discussions about health problems and grandchildren. Then around 10am the schools visited with a bus load of kids all hyper running around taking up everything… Anyone who takes there training serious could never train in that environment haha. I lasted 3 days before switching back to my normal gym. Downside is driving 30 mins but it’s sure as hell worth it!

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Holy shit it would have to be 80x worse for me to drive half an hour. I’m like a 2 minute drive or 5 minute bike ride away from my gym.

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Had more family visiting for the past few days. Worked out every day but didn’t log any of the workouts. I didn’t hit any PRs or anything, just sticking to the program and trusting the process. My arms and shoulders are noticeably larger.


Plugging copper holes at work. The cylinders I put images on for printing companies to print products (Kraft, Heinz, Nabisco, alcohol, tobacco, laminate flooring) have to be perfectly round to within .001”, and I engrave the images using a series of microscopic dots that we measure in microns, so if you have a hole, you need to be able to plug it PERFECTLY. My family are all scientists, and wanted me to be one too, but I love my obscure trade and just plain like working with my hands.


Two days ago: Chest

Incline B.B.
95, 135x10, 185x5, 205x3, 225x2x2, 135x20

75 2x8+6, 65 2x20

Dips 5x10

Wolverine cable flys

Back and shoulders

Pull-ups- wide grip, pausing at bottom, halfway up, at top, and halfway back down

Behind the neck wide grip pull-ups
Straight arm rope pulls

Bent over DB rows
50s 3x10

Behind the neck lat pulldowns
8 on the stack 3x10

One arm cable rows

Behind the neck seated B.B. shoulder press
95x10, 115x8, 135x6 (PR), 95x15

Lateral Raises 3 sets to failure and beyond with 15s, til I couldn’t even raise my arms 6 inches off my body. Didn’t count the first two sets but the last set was like 12 reps lol


Sore shoulders in the morning mate. Them pull-ups are no easy feat, especially with the pauses, good going there. The Lat raises to the death sounded a burn and a half lol
congrats on the PR also.

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It’s a weak PR- I couldn’t do anything behind the neck for years and never did it much before tearing my cuff so now I get to have PRs galore, especially now that I’ve seen enough evidence from strong ass lifelong lifters to convince me that BTN exercises aren’t as dangerous as I thought.


Did a MONSTER quad day. Got the workout from some Musclepharm sponsored guy. It sucked.

Leg Extension

Leg Press Super Close Stance

B.B. Walking Lunges

Leg Extension

Standing Calf Raise
80 5x15


I bet the lungs were working overtime on that one! Great job man. I don’t envy you tomorrow lol


intense bud. Be walking around like John Wayne after getting off a 4 hour horse journey

Good going!!


Good luck walking the next few days

Some recovery squatting is in your future

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It was about 1 hour 10 minutes. I only rested as long as it took for my wife to do her sets - which I was proud of, for those of you late to the party, she was born with a club foot that was rebroken to correct but the cast was left on for 2 years without seeing a doctor due to her neglectful prostitute drug addict biological mother and the calf muscles are atrophied and the ankle is shifted to the right (#runonsentencesforthewin) - and I think I can shave it to an hour in the future plus start a little higher on the weights. It was an ass kicker, but you don’t dive headfirst into a quad workout featuring 14 total sets of leg extensions without feeling it out a bit.

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Yeah, the people at the front desk always ask me how my leg day was because I walk out like a gimp, dripping sweat, getting pulled by my 3 year old out the door.


You sure love your leg extensions.

I just hate super heavy leg exercises. They hurt my body and do very little for hypertrophy. Pre exhausting the shit out of my legs is the way to go, as long as the leg extensions are done in a controlled manner. Then I can hit squats or lunges or any heavy compound leg exercise with 75% of the weight and get 100% of the results. It’s not fun, but it’s better than SI joint pain, which seems to be the worst thing for me nowadays.


When you finally sit down for 10 minutes after quad day and get up, only to have your quads seize up: