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Dodgin’ Dadbods: DC-inspired

Do you use it topically or is it an oral? I take it orally as a daily supplement

I use it topically. Didn’t know there was an oral option besides smoking it.

Yeah I take 1ml under the tongue in the morning. Helps with inflammation all over

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95, 135x10, 185, 205, 225x3, 245x2 PR
2x8+6 185

Tri Rope

DB kickbacks
2x8+6 could only do the 10 lb with proper form :frowning:

One arm DB hammers
2x8+6 40 lb DB

One arm bicep curl machine
2x8+6 35 lb plate

Reverse grip ez bar
2x8+6 50

Supposed to do forearms, but my elbow was feeling good, and I didn’t wanna push it. Just did three near-failure sets of lateral Raises.

@jackolee what’s your daily set/rep scheme for your daily lateral raises? I’m starting to feel like I could do them every day, and I have a set of 15s at home.

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I start and finish shoulder workouts with them. First three sets with dumbbells ascending weight. Something like 15x15 20x15 25x15. Then I finish shoulders with cable lateral raises leaning out hanging from the other arm from the post. The cable attachment is moved as low as it goes. On my machine I start at 30 and go up to 40, but not too sure what the actual weight is.

Now here’s the strange part. I manage operations at a kids sports center so I can do conditioning work at work in the mid day or evenings. I’ve been doing two or three rounds of the following circuit for conditioning work daily, mostly to avoid getting on the exercise bike and feeling like I’m doing my cardio. I simply do as many as I can in one minute and then go to the next exercise. It gets progressively lamer and lamer the longer I go.

  1. Planked at about a 45 degree angle triceps extensions against the wall
  2. Pushups
  3. Lateral raises. We don’t have weights higher than 5 lbs at work but we do have 15 lb martial arts dummies with handles on their backs to practice kicking. I use these for lateral raises. Imagine picking two kids up by their back packs and doing raises. You can get the mental picture.
  4. Handstand against the wall with shoulders actively extended as far as I can
  5. Alternating lunges (jump switch)
  6. V ups
  7. Elevated feet chest to bar pull ups
  8. Seated dips like off the edge of a chair

That’s the routine. Sure gets a full body pump going!

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Conditioning is big for me. When I found out how to use battle ropes properly, I was amazed. I’ve seen people do 5 minutes of battle ropes. If you’re doing it right, you’re not making it past 30 seconds. It’s the only upper body exercise that’s made me want to vomit. I’ll definitely try your circuit. I’m not gonna lie, though. You doing lateral Raises with training dummies is hilarious to think about.

Hey bud, did you ever get round to buying the gripper ? I’m thinking of upgrading my basic one for captains of crush like you suggested. Just checking in to see what you thought after using it. Its pretty expensive for a gripper

I have a friend who does rock climbing who has the 2, 2.5 and 3 - haven’t bought one myself but on amazon I think they’re selling for between 20-40 bucks- not horribly expensive. Although if you’re in the EU it might get up there. I’m sure other grippers are adequate, but CoC are kind of the grip strength gold standard around the world.

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I suppose your friend gets great benefit from it being a rock climber. That’s the ultimate sport for needing a grip. I take it he is sensible and uses ropes ? Them guys that do free form climbing I think are crazy lol

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I’ve only been with him once and he used ropes. I don’t like heights. Even jumping out of helicopters in the Marines and roofing in construction afterwards, I hated every minute of being more than 7 feet off the ground. I never really mentioned it, but I decided one day that I wouldn’t ever choose to be that high off the ground again, and so climbing is no longer on my list of fun activities. So yeah, those dudes are fuckin crazy.

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2x8+6 185

Hack Squat
2x8+6 2 plates and a 10 per side

Leg Press
390 2x8+6

Leg Extension
50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150, 170x8

5 minutes of lunges


Lunges are awesome and sucky all at the same time. You ever do weighted walking lunges? One of my favorites!

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Have you tried this with actual kids?


I do my weighted lunges reverse style, I.e. stepping back instead of stepping forwards, and returning to the start position each time. This ensures that the bent knee is always at the same level of flexion, and since the straight leg is initiating the movement, the bent knee doesn’t absorb impact during flexion from the act of stepping. I’ve had joint issues in the past.
My walking lunges I do slow, with a slight pause when my back leg is just above the ground, and never going past 3/4 lockout unless I’m resting.

I’ve been carrying my oldest kid up the stairs almost every night since he was born. He’s 45 lbs now, and I’m convinced I’ve unlocked the ultimate slow progression strength program. If I can make him dangerously obese and severely lacking in social skills, I can be carrying 400 lbs up 20 stairs in 15 years, when he’s 18.



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Someone beat you to it!

“He was said to have achieved the feat of lifting the bull by starting in childhood, lifting and carrying a newborn calf and repeating the feat daily as it grew to maturity.”


Yesterday - fluff

Standing calf raise
40, 80, 120, 160, 200x10, 80x2

Seated Calf Raise
2 plates 4x10

Lateral Raises 3xfailure

Pull-ups, wide grip 3xfailure

Rope crunch
72.5 4x20

Leg lift on bench


2 days ago

Incline Bench
165 2x8+6

Crossovers HTL


BTN Seated B.B. Press
115 2x8+6

Lateral Raises
2x8+6 20s

Gym was so busy I had to improvise and wait around for stations. Super annoying, didn’t get much volume in and was too angry to concentrate.

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Dual pulley cable row

Pull-ups, wide grip behind the neck x5
Straight arm lat pulls x10
Close grip cable row x10

Lateral Raises
10s, 15s, 20s x50 each

25 meters of burpees (jump as far forward as possible) x3

Second day I didn’t stick to the program, and not because the gym was busy, but because it was EMPTY and I’ve had to go early evenings for a couple months due to a work schedule change. The gym is so full and annoying in the evenings that when I walked in today at 230 pm on a Saturday and it was EMPTY I just couldn’t stop running around doing everything.