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Dodgin’ Dadbods: DC-inspired

Arm day

2x8+6 165

Plate loaded tri ext machine
2x8+6 70

One arm cable kickbacks

Single arm hammer curl
2x8+6 40 lb DB

One arm cable preachers
2x8+6 4 on the stack

Reverse grip ez bar preachers
2x8+6 50

Wrist curls, reverse wrist curls
2x8+6 each

I’m starting to embrace the pain. Had my wife spot me on the CGBP as I did the full 5 second negatives, went totally to failure. On the single arm preachers I had to use my other hand to assist with the concentrics on the +6. Pain, fatigue, determination, growth - this program has it all.



Leg day hurt last time but wasn’t as bad as any other day, and that can’t stand. I switched up exercises and murdered myself appropriately.

2x8+6 185

Leg Press
2x8+6 380

Hack Squat
2x8+6 2 plates each side

Leg Extension
2x8+6 130

Leg Curl
2x8+6 90

Reverse sled drags with 3 plates on the prowler, 6x25m

The squats, while light, are brutal. Checking your ego at the door is a must with this program.


Dude that’s rough!

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Give it a try on your next leg day! You’re in the middle of a significant and consistently lowering caloric deficit, so I know you already hate yourself enough to endure this pain.


Ugh I’m literally changing clothes after church to do legs right now lol. I’ll post it in my log. Thanks man but I hate you

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Sweeeeeet, enjoy! Get high on the jump squats and don’t worry about hitting perfect depth every time, then get down deep for the wide to close squats. Minute 2 is definitely the worst.

Looks like a great leg session.

Definitely stealing that. Sounds awful



Incline B.B.
Bar, 95, 135x10, 185, 205x5, 225x3
2x8+6 145

Smith Bench
2x8+6 185

Cable crossovers HTL
2x8+6 65

BTN Shoulder Press
2x8+6 95

Lateral Raises
2x8+6 25 lb DBs

2x8+6 155




Smith Row
2x8+6 135

Straight Arm Pulldowns

One arm cable row

Rear Delts on pec dec

My elbow is starting to hurt more and more on back days. Gotta rest and ice it more.


Pull ups and stealing arm pull downs really get to my elbows. The straight arms especially

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Overhand wide grip pull-ups don’t bother me much, but it took years or shoulder rehab to be able to do them without dislocating my right shoulder. My elbow problem comes with neutral and underhand grips, which makes sense because when I was avoiding overhand stuff to save my shoulder those were the only variations I did. It’s pretty annoying, I never had elbow pain and it’s a really shitty feeling.

Besides stretching and daily pushups, I’ve taken 4 days off. Longest time in a while. My elbow finally feels better. Off to the gym in a bit for arm day.

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I see this structure of lift posted a lot here. Is this simply 2 sets of 8 and then one set of six?

If your having minor inflammation problems I’d highly recommend getting on a cbd oil daily. My bicep tendonitis has come from pretty severe to almost unnoticeable in just a few weeks. I was very skeptical but then went off of it for a few weeks and it came right back. Not the cheapest supplement but well worth it in my oppinion


solid chest and back days keep it up. And hope the pain goes away very soon

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Here ya go, @jackolee. Flap and I were discussing intensification techniques a couple weeks ago and it motivated him to run this awful program. :smile:


Dude! My wife’s sister got me and her CBD oil for Xmas this year. Repeated use really helps inflammation for me.

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Thanks for stopping in, man. I hope so too.

@JMaier31 covered it. If you’re looking for a solid mass gain program this is a viable option for you. Not to mention, if you have a training partner - which I know you mentioned you sometimes train with your wife - the rep scheme is 8+4 - 8 regular reps and 4 “hellcentric” reps, which are where you do a full concentric, then half of an eccentric with your partner pushing down and adding resistance, then back up to the top of the rep, then a full eccentric with your partner pushing down the whOle way. That’s one rep. You’ll need assistance on the concentrics of at least 2 of the +4 reps. It’s a great program.