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Dodgin’ Dadbods: Buttloads of Volume


I’d say 90 would be close - that’s a guess, I don’t pay attention to the screen. It’s not crazy low, but it’s really just to keep me moving. The sprint minutes are literal all out, balls-to-the-wall and take a lot out of me. I’d rather push 1% harder on sprints and go 1% slower on the cruise periods, ya know?


Cruising for me is about 85 rpm and I have to watch the screen to make sure I don’t fade.

The other day I did an awful interval on the elliptical and my “cruise” was me just barely moving my feet. Going for 60 seconds on Level 18 and Incline 18 sucks.


Chest Day

Mixed it up and tried some Doggcrapp stuff as a test. It’s fuckin hard. Triple test pause sets, aiming for 11-15 reps total. Less than 11 reps and it’s too much, more than 15 it’s too light.

Incline Bench
REST PAUSE 205x8, 3, 2 - 13 reps total

Standing BB OHP
155x7, 2, 2 - 11 reps total

Smith CGBP
225x8, 3, 3 - 14 reps total

Crossovers 7 sets of 12
Pushups 7 sets of 10

Burnout - pushups with a 25 lb plate on my back for 18 reps, had my wife remove the plate mid set and got 7 more.

Thoughts - I could really see myself doing this. It’s only 1 real working set except for deadlifts and squats, which are two straight sets of 6-9 and 9-12, since the potential for injury on a triple RP set of those is pretty high. But there are like 8 exercises per workout . It’s also only 3x a week training with an ABA BAB format, and 4x a week cardio, so my biggest trouble would be dropping volume.


When he speaks of tough things about the program he mentions nothing about 450 grams of protein


Totally misread your post! I thought you meant Dante Trudel speaking on the program, not me haha. BY FAR the hardest part will be protein.


Ham Sandys

DB SLDL, toes on board

Single Leg Curl

New Hack Squat, facing pads
270x8, 180x8, 90x10 dropset

Banded Back Ext on Roman Chair

Pretty simple day, ran around with my kids at the playground for a while after.


Shoulders and abs, quick before work

Seated BTN Press
Bar x20
135x12 (PR)

Seated DB OHP 4 second eccentric, no lookout
40s x10
40s x10 drop to 25s x10
40s x8 drop to 25s x10 drop to 15s x15

Seated Lateral Raise
15s 5x20

Cable Lateral Raise

Elbow supported leg raises

Rope crunches

3x1 minute


Congrats on the OHP PR. I think I hit 135 for 11 once upon a time. Looking back, I have no idea how because I’m pretty sure I could only get 95 right now.


Yeah, I kind of love BTN pressing. Obviously your bicep tendon is under a lot of strain during it so no way you should do them, but I was doing it for 2 reps a couple months ago while I was feeling it out and now 135 feels light. My max is easily over 185 on it.


I did a couple sets BTN on my Smith OHP on Saturday. It actually felt better. It was a different setup - the back rest on the bench wasn’t completely vertical and the bar moves at a slight angle instead of straight up and down. BTN just felt better.


I haven’t ever stuck with the BTN press for very long, but whenever I did try it out, it always felt good. Like actually good. Just seemed right.

Had some shoulder issues and only ever heard it preached that it was bad for your shoulders, but I’m thinking I’m gonna have to give it a go again. Flap, I think somewhere you mentioned Bulldog and Paul Carter had inspired you to get back to it - I had the same 2, and now you! Looking forward to starting to train it again. Might do 5x10 or something with lighter weight after my main overhead work.


Light back day

Weighted Pull-ups

Rows on incline bench
65s x12
65s x12, 35s x12
65s x12, 35s x12, 20s x20

Deadlifts, conventional

Rope pullovers

Double handle pulldowns

Straight to the park with the kids, ran around, etc.


What kind of maniac does deads after pull ups and rows?


The guy who doesn’t want to deadlift too much weight conventionally and risk hurting himself, but still wants the back growth. It does suck, but all that pump in my lats really helps with my biggest deadlift form flaw - not squeezing those oranges in my armpits and properly engaging the lats.


If I fatigue my lats then I struggle to keep them locked during deadlifts. I feel quite the opposite.


I bet I would think differently if I was actually doing heavy deadlifts :laughing:


Hey, man. Enjoying your log, keep up the effort. Trying to come closer to your volume workouts as summer approaches. Thanks for logging!


Three plates for reps is heavy in my book. Most people do 1-3 reps and add weight. Doing 5x8 on deads during SGSS taught me how difficult it can be to Deadlift for reps.


Everything I’ve read that’s pro-BTN presses talks about how it isn’t actually bad for your shoulders, but you have to have good shoulder mobility and it will absolutely hurt you if you don’t have the necessary mobility, and it will reveal weaknesses or pre-existing shoulder problems.


Yeah that seems to be what the case from what I’ve read too. Really have no idea if I do have an appropriate amount of mobility or not - I think I do, so I’m just going off of feel, but I’m not sure if there’s a great way to test it. All I really do to work on it is shoulder dislocates with a PVC pipe or band.