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Dodgin’ Dadbods: Buttloads of Volume


So I took about an hour bike ride around town, and the weather was beautiful, there were people walking everyone, we hit some hills and it was awesome, we ended at a different playground than last time. My kids were doing some balancing platforms on the playground, one other family was there and watched my kid eat it and me just put him right back on the platform like “try again!” Their kid comes over and I ask them if I can help him across them (he’s 2) and he does awesome, our kids end up running around, and all of a sudden a thunderstorm comes out of NOWHERE. Lightning and everything, we totally forgot to check the weather and didn’t see it coming, and we were at least 2 miles from home. Torrential downpour begins. The other family has a van and a pickup there, they let us load up our bikes and the kid trailer in the pickup and we split the kids up and took the 4-5 minute car ride home instead of the 15 minute ride in rain and lightning. Super grateful for those people. My wife got the other mom’s number, we will be hanging with them again at some point.


@flappinit @JMaier31, thanks guys. They look pretty awesome.


Hamz. Only had 45-50 minutes, compressed some exercises.

DB SLDL, toes on board
65s x10

Leg Curl
110x15, drop to 70x5
110x8, drop to 70x8, drop to 30x4

Hack squat, wide stance, ass to grass
1 plate per side x10
2 plates x8
2 plates and a 25 x6
1 plate x20

Roman chair back ext


Afternoon bike ride with the trailer. Stopped to get ice cream for the kids, got some lamb and chicken kabob’s, rice, veggies and naan. Delicious.


What is the difference between an RDL and a SLDL? I always thought SLDL’s started from the ground; RDL’s from the hips. Is this not the case?


Its not about the start position, though people do start SLDL from the ground more often. RDLs involve pushing the hips back, and SLDLs are, quite simply, bending over with the weight. In an RDL the weight is riding on your thighs and over your knees, in a SLDL the bar may be an inch in front of your shins. The RDL allows for more weight more safely, and the SLDL allows for a more intense weighted stretch at the bottom.



Trap Deads with shrug

Two arm DB Row, chest on incline Bench
40s x20
60s x15
60s x12, drop to 40s x10
60s x9, drop to 40s x9,drop to 30s x12

Lat Pulldown
6 on the stack x8
10 x8
12 x8
14 x7, drop to 8x12

Hammer strength row
230x10, drop to 180x10, drop to 90x10

Wendler Row
3 sets of 10

Man, my traps, from the RDLs/SLDLs yesterday, the trap deads, the incline rows, and the Wendler rows…I did the workout 12 hours ago and I’m already getting sore. Thanks @JMaier31 , by which I mean, you’re a dick. @dagill2 hop on it. I keep my eyes closed, lift the weight with my traps, shoulders up and back, a pause at the top and a stretch at the bottom.


I don’t think I ever replied to this, but I have done these, when I was shooting for a one arm chin. My forearms ended up giving me too much trouble to continue, but I got very close, haha. The progression is, you start with your hand on your other wrist, and work your way up the arm. After you can do a Pullup with your non pulling hand at the top of your bicep near your shoulder, you can start doing negatives with one arm. I tweaked something in my forearm while doing a negative - as soon as my arm locked out, that was it. Had to stop trying for it after that, though I still really want to get there.


Naan might be my favorite bread. More than 50% of my affection for Indian/Central Asia food is probably just my love of naan.


Naan is life, dude. Especially garlic naan, soaking up some lamb curry and rice, maybe some mango chutney? Getting hungry now.


Shoulders, fluff, conditioning stuff

Seated DB Shoulder Press
30s x8
40s x8
50s x8
60s x8
70s x6, drop to 40s x12, drop to 20s x15

Seated lateral raise
20s 6x15

Standing calf raise, 3 second eccentric, 2 second hold at top
Seated Calf Raise
1 plate x10

GIANT SET (sort of)
BB OHP 135x5
Prowler sprint 25m high handles
Prowler sprint 25m low handles

That’s it. Just wanted to get in and move some weight, even if none of it was heavy. Quads tomorrow, fml.


True story


These are pretty good. Looking back, I did them a little differently than you. Bumped the reps up a bit and focussed more on peak contraction than slow movement. I can feel the doms is going to be a bastard though.


Oh, I wish I had not read your log with all this Naan and curry talk.


What is this?


Google “Wendler Rows” and look on CT’s blog. It’s like a row and a high pull had a baby.


True- I think, given the strength nature of your training, that my tempo and form (100% MMC) isn’t necessary for you.


Link attached here.



Quick Quad Day, wife was at the doctors and I only had 40 minutes to squeeze in quads

Leg Extension

Hack Squat
10 bodyweight heels touching squats between every set

Recumbent Bike
10 minutes, alternate slow pace on resistance 10 for one minute and sprint on resistance 15 for one minute, 5x


What’s a slow pace for you one the recumbent bike? When I’m getting in a 30 minute steady state cardio session I shoot for 90 rpms