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Dodgin’ Dadbods: Buttloads of Volume


You. Are. A. Beast.

I thought of you and how mentally weak I am during my pathetic leg session today.

It’s really hard to push myself on legs since I have no goals and I’m training with pain. I’m just trying to get some work in.


I don’t think you’re mentally weak at all, or physically weak. You’re just where I was when I started recovering from all my problems, except you’ve already gone through the recovery process and deadlifted a ton of weight so it’s discouraging right now, plus you have pain and unresolved issues. Night and day between us at the moment, dude. But I appreciate the compliment nonetheless!


Towed my kids to the playground, about 3 miles away. Beautiful night. My wife rode along on her bike, and when we get to the park she’s talking about how nice some gin and tonics would be on a warm night tonight, so I check the liquor store and it closes at 6, and it’s 515. The liquor store is like 4 miles away, so I unhook the kid trailer and bomb it to the liquor store, ride back with the bottle hanging from my handlebars, and when I get back, the kids want to go home. Hook up the trailer hitch and head home. 6 miles towing kids, 8 miles just me. Quads still screaming, but remembered my seat was too low before leaving this time thanks to @wanna_be and adjusted it properly, so not as painful or awkward.


Just picked up some beer for myself tonight. They have 50ml bottles of liquor for $1 at the checkout so I added one of Jose Cuervo Especial Crown Royal Vanilla. Gonna have myself a little variety night.


Well, college brain convinced me that straight tequila was better than it actually is. That 50ml was rough! Thank goodness I’m washing it down with Busch Light.


No way, there are very few tequilas I will drink neat. Salt and lime or in a real-lime (no margarita mix) margarita. And only silver (clear). None of that gold nastiness. The vanilla flavoring must have been awful.


It was the Cuervo Silver (clear). I put the vanilla Crown away. No Mas!


Seriously though, does anyone have any tips on getting in 450g of protein a day? Honestly, 300 is usually tough enough. Days where I’ve reached the 400 mark are few and far between, and have not been fun. I’ve always been a high-ish protein proponent, but I’d like to do 16 weeks of Doggcrapp with 2g/BW protein and see what it does.


4lbs of chicken or 10 protein shakes. That’s all I got. Ha :man_shrugging:t2:


Good greif. That is some serious protein.
50 g per meal, that’s 8 meals of 50g each


Still one meal short. Good luck man. You are on the gains train with that amount of food for sure.

Chicken shakes or steak shakes are in your future.


2 lbs of beef, 1 lb of chicken, 2 60g shakes, 4 eggs. That’s not counting veggies and carbs. I’m gonna set a date and do it.


Today: abs/shoulders/tris

20 elbow supported leg raises
20 rope crunches

1 min full plank (push-up position, arms locked, straight body)
Leg raises with hip thrust lying backwards on a decline bench x10

Seated BTN Press
Lateral Raises 20s x20

Tri rope x15
Diamond pushups x5

Maybe 20-30 seconds between rest and exercises. Honestly i barely stopped moving. Did this in 45 minutes. Planning my bike route with the kids today. I’m okay with going on some bigger roads, but my wife is nervous about the kids in the trailer (understandable) so I’m trying to find side roads to every destination.


That sounds painful. I’d try to get at least half of that 450g from shakes.


What is this dogcrap you speak of and why does it need so much protein?


I’d go up to 60 grams per serving but not much higher. Then you could get it in with 7 meals. Make sure your drinking a ton of water or your kidneys are gonna be hating life.

I seem to remember you saying that you do not use any AAS. How the heck is your body supposed to deal with all that. I’m thinking your just gonna smell real bad. Enlighten me


You might as well try GOMAD while you’re at it.

I would really like to see your blood work before and after.

Also, I think you’d like Wendler Rows

And as you can see they’re also called shrug rows. Treat them like calves, hold at the top and stretch at the bottom.


What are wendler rows? I’m looking for something to add variety to back work, these might fit in nicely.


Doggcrapp training is high intensity, high frequency, moderate volume 3x per week training based around 11-15rep triple rest-pause sets. The creator asks for 2g/lb protein intake and only counts protein intake. Im gonna shoot for 400g. It’s not a suggestion, it’s the programs creators requirement for running the program to achieve the best results. It’s gonna suck, but I’m interested to see the results.


Google “wendler rows” and look at the article on thibarmy (CT’s website). @JMaier31 is right, after seeing that I DO like them! I’m not doing DC training yet, I’m enjoying my own programming right now, but in a month or so when I get an itching to change things up I’m gonna do it. In the meantime, wendler rows are going on my next back day. I’ll just have to put up with looking someone failing at high pulls, which is kind of what that looks like, but I like the idea of it hitting two angles of the traps at once.


Click “Wendler Rows” in my last post. It’s a link. :wink:

Nah! I hold the contraction and go nice and slow. They’re painful but I don’t think traps grow any other way. Mine are aching right now. I love the feeling of sore traps. I guess I keep convincing myself that soreness equals growth!