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Dodgin’ Dadbods: Bro Splits and Protein Shits

That looks amazing: well done dude. You remind me how much I miss pot roast, haha. It was one of my primary means of getting the 1.5lbs of meat on BtM. Such a simple way to get huge portions.


Conditioning, Calves

Standing Calf Raises 3x10
Seated Calf Raises 3x15
Donkey Calf Raise machine 3x20

10 prowler sprints:
Regular handles x25m
Low handles x25m
Regular handles x25m
Low handles x25m
Regular handles x25m
Reverse drag with rope x25m
Regular handles x25m
Reverse drag with rope x25m
Regular handles 2x25m

15 minutes of stretching

Post workout nutrition: 2 scoops protein, pbfit, half frozen banana, ice, water. Small bowl of cottage cheese.

Off to hike a trail with the boys, should be back to catch the end of the jets game. I’d really like to just veg out and watch the game with some chicken wings and beer, but it’s a really beautiful day, I’m trying to continue dropping weight, and my kids are clearly angling to get out of the house, plus, ya know, they’re the jets facing our division and state rival that always has our number, so I can probably avoid some disappointment by just pretending the game isn’t happening right now.

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Haha man, it’s so hard to sit down and watch early season football. Best weather of the year IMO and the game is rarely worth watching is pass by from the couch. Prime time ftw.

Well, as I said, I’m a fan of possibly the worst team in the NFL with definitely the worst head coach in the NFL, so when I got back from a super nice walk in the woods with a SWEET 100+ step wooden staircase that I discovered going up to an athletic field which I will now periodically use for conditioning, and I checked the score and saw my team had lost handily, I can’t be upset at missing it :man_shrugging:

They lost by 10 but I checked highlights and stats and they were thrashed from beginning to end and were down 21-0 at one point. So, yeah. We weren’t good last year, and we gave up our best receiver who dropped 115 yards and a TD and 2 point conversion for his new team, and gave up our best defender who had team high tackles and a sack.

It’s actually incredible how bad we are. Fantasy gives me my only reason to watch. Played the teams Defense who was facing my team too, and it worked out well for me.

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Haha dude, I know your team isn’t the Browns, but I think you’ll get a kick out of this:

I lost interest in football a few years back, but I am watching Brady on the Bucs right now just for morbid curiosity.

LOL, the Browns are the only reason that the Jets don’t have the rap as the worst football franchise ever. At this point the Browns were at least making movies to try to win recently, so they’re definitely a step up, but yeah - it must be horrifying being a Browns fan.

I remember when they rebuilt their team around Mayfield with Landry and Odell (at the time, the two best receivers in the league), Nick Chubb, etc. and people were like “omg, the browns, so scary, omg” and I was like, “you just wait - they’re still the Browns.” By which I mean, the name of a franchise doesn’t actually have anything to do with anything, but the players on the field are often fighting themselves and their management in addition to the opposing team, so if you’ve got a shitty organization, you can suck with pretty much anyone on your team.

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This is the first weekend I’ve missed a Panthers game without a work/ family reason that I can remember. I’m just so damn annoyed about how they handled the last year and offseason I don’t even want to turn it on. That’s saying a lot, because it’s rare that I was ever pleased with their management

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Yeah, that applies to you guys big time. I actually like your acquisitions though. CMC is the best player in the league, Teddy Two Gloves is a stud, and the offensive player we gave up that I was referring to was Robby Anderson and he killed it for you guys. But, back to management, Matt Rhule didn’t give the ball to that best player in the league, 4th and 1 with the game on the line. Doubly embarrassing given Pete Carrol’s Marshawn decision for everyone to learn from.

Well, that was still Rivera back then. I actually think letting him go was two years too late. Not that he was a bad coach, but he was the wrong coach.

CMC was a draft pick under the last regime. Dude is absolutely amazing, but 40+ touches a game for half a season after you’re out of playoff contention is ridiculous.

Bridgewater may have been the right choice, but to carry Newton on IR all year while teams wanted him, and then dump him when nobody wanted him, made no sense.

For Kuechly to never speak of retirement and then just be gone when the new staff moves in says a lot.

Similar to Newton, to simply cut Olsen with not better plans is a questionable decision from the outside. It hurts your credibility with everyone to then call it a “mutual decision” nearly simultaneously with Olsen saying he was blindsided.

Not to mention, we drafted Burns and he’s averaging half a sack a game for the first half of the season, then we just bench him without explanation.

While we’re at it, David Tepper just comes off like a douchebag.

I’m 100% aware nobody wanted my analysis, but this was cathartic; thanks for the indulgence!

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Bruh, if there’s anything I’ll allow in here, it’s fellow miserable sports fans griping about their shitty organizations. Definitely didn’t know a lot of that - I figure most fans know the general info about all the players but only the real nitty gritty about their own team.

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Oh, I forgot to mention @flatsfarmer - I’ve been meaning to thank you for some advice you posted in a calf training thread. I’ve done a fair share of calf training and have done a lot of different variations and rep tempos, but your cue to drive the heels forward and through instead of just up has really been awesome. I never had any problem feeling calves before, but I think it took more reps/sets - with this cue I’ve really achieved a crazy intense contraction on my first rep recently. Always fun to learn new stuff about things you thought you knew something about.
Anyways, just wanted to say thanks, and I always take the time to read your posts - they’re a consistent and palatable source of free info on here.


Exactly right!

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I’m glad it worked so well! I saw/heard that cue in an Erin Stern (2 x Ms. Olympia) video. I could feel it working just flexing my calves unweighted in the living room. It was so good I wanted to tell everybody, only calf-chat is pretty rare.

Anyway, I think it was you who got me started on donkey calf raises, so we’re even!


ME Upper

I do not know what position I slept in, but my neck was not happy with it. Woke up with my neck so painful that I could barely turn my head. Pin presses = not a good idea at all with a neck strain, so I did smith OHP.

Worked up to 205 lbs x3 - the bar is probably 15 pounds light or so, so maybe it was 190? Not sure - a 45 and a 35 on each side. Whatever. Neck made me feel weak, couldn’t grind the way I wanted to, but it definitely saved me from further aggravating it. Feel like in a couple weeks I can rep out 2 plates for a few reps, so that’ll be decent.

Incline DB 80s 4x10 last set was GRINDY, didn’t quite finish the last rep but got most of the way

Cable rows 4x10

Rear delt flys 3x10

Totally mixed up my days and did some lateral raises too. Won’t affect my recovery, no worries. I wanted to do weighted abs too, but I’ve been doing them on my conditioning days so it’s not a big deal. Mondays I have to do the virtual schooling with my son - it’s from 8-1230 but there’s a 1 hour 15 minute break that gives me just enough time to get to the gym and smash shit for a bit.


If you care, check for a warning label sticker on the Smith machine. The Smiths at my gym are Hammer Strength and have a sticker that, after the usual warnings, says, “Bar can be loaded to 650 pounds maximum, with 7, 45-pound plates per side. Bar provides 20 pounds resistance.”

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Cool, thanks! Honestly I shouldnt care because I’m only competing against myself and I can use whatever weight I want to track progress, but I just care for whatever reason, so I’ll check next time.

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ME Lower

Today is the anniversary of my dads death, I’m always bummed on this date, kind of bitter about all the things my dad missed out on, etc. so I had plans to angrily hit a PR on trap bar Deads. Worked up to 400x6, and realized I could push for a PR but I’d benefit more from a brutal backoff set. Hit 330x22 for a backoff set, which I’m pretty happy with, especially as a backoff set. Strength and size are still gaining, conditioning feels good.

Leg Extensions, slow
165 3x15

Hack squats, close stance, deep knee flexion
1 plate 3x10

Back extensions on Roman chair

Trap bar Deads pretty much got my aggression out. Good session. Hack squats are gonna be a staple again, just starting nice and slow, going super deep. Will up the weight to 410 next time for trap Deads, and keep it there til I hit 5+ reps 2 weeks in a row, then rinse and repeat. The trap bar is 60#, hence the abnormal weights.


You plan on rotating the ME movements at all with WS4SB being conjugate?

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My ME Upper is now smith ohp for a few weeks, and then will switch to pin presses after that, but I’m having a real hard time giving up on trap bar deads when my strength is skyrocketing on them and they feel totally pain free. I had planned on just riding it out til I hit a plateau or felt fatigue. Does that go too far against the grain of the program? Another option is switching to SSB squats and using the trap bar deads for my posterior chain movement and hitting high reps on it before rotating it back in. Totally open for suggestions here.

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Absolutely. Your gains are skyrocketing because you are adapting to the stimulus, which is WHY you want to change it so you can stay fresh and not burnout.

SSB squats would be money.