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Dodgin’ Dadbods: A Journey Back in Time (5/3/1)


Sounds like he was kind of a grouch. I see that with security guards sometimes. They can be over the top. I guess if they dealt with some real shit like police do then they might not get all bent out of shape over little stuff.


Squat Day

Warmup stair master, BW squats, hypers, bar x 20, 135x5

215x2 felt super light so I stopped and upped it to 225

185 5 sets of 4, 135x20

Hack squat heels touching 1 plate SS with 135lb BB lunges

Standing calf raises SS with seated calf raises

My calves are getting so much bigger. I used to do them like 3-4x a week and do ridiculous amounts of volume, but a little less volume, more TUT and less frequency has helped them immensely. Weird, counterintuitive, but maybe my calf genetics aren’t as shitty as I thought. Really getting that deep W shape in there.


I have to say. I am feeling great in the gym. My strength is coming back and I honestly had given up. I know I’m still super weak and like 140 pounds away from my last PR, but today 2 plates felt pretty light. Considering 95 lbs felt like my back was going to snap and my SI joints ached for days after doing a few reps, I’ve come a long way and I’m loving it. Even 135 was a serious struggle and I hit 20 reps below parallel without pausing at all, and besides a burn I was fine. Let’s goooooooo


Awesome news man. Keep grinding away.


That’s great news! Every time I bounce back from an injury I find myself stronger. Now I just need to figure out how to avoid new injuries.


175x3, 195x3, 215x3, and upped it to 225, got 4 reps

Then I had to follow through on a chin up video for @kd13 so I did a set of 23 and change before heading on to 175 5x10 superset with face pulls and knuckle pushups

Weighted chins
+45 5x5

Lat Pulldowns, Pullovers, Crossovers, light arm work


Thanks for being game enough to change your training plan and film that, first time I’ve seen your log but will be looking in from now on.


Cmon bro what’s more important, life plans or proving yourself to somebody on the internet?


Anyways it gassed me but I got an incredible pump and it helped my 5x10 bench for sure so it wasn’t at all detrimental.


Deadlift Day today

Totally tweaked my hip doing semi-sumo deads.

245x3, 265x3, 285x6 - happened on the second to last deadlift, just felt weird.

Did 3x10 with 225 and just moved on to single leg hamstring work, hypers, reverse hypers, cable pullthroughs, and calf work. After that hip tweak I just focused on tons of light hip hinge work and now it doesn’t feel so bad - I think I avoided something serious. It’s got me wanting to switch some of my work over to the trap bar, but I’m enjoying the heavy BB lifts too much to switch any of them up just yet, so I’ll just chalk it up to a form slip.

Also I tried the Barbell Complex of 6/5/4/3/2/1 Deads/RDLS/BB Rows/Power Cleans/Front Squats/Push Presses/Back Squats/Good Mornings with a 135 barbell on Sunday after drinking whiskey all Saturday night and I nearly died. I got to the end of the second round and had to drop the weight to 95 to continue. I think I’ll keep trying it again until I get it. Man, it’s fucking horrible.



Must be going around. Based on how you talked about it I think you’ll be alright. Don’t bail on the barbell yet.

I’m good now. Mine turned out to be a minor muscle strain and I hit PRs today!


straight up dude your log was my motivation, I watched the 500 pr and immediately went “okay, shut up and get back in the gym”.


Glad to hear it! Since you’ve recently added barbell squats and deads back to your routine I can’t recommend enough that you start light.

12 weeks ago I set up this CT program and set realistic goals for my week 12 weights. I worked the math backwards to get my week 1 weights and they seemed way too light. I had to be patient some weeks because I felt good and wanted to move big weights. But it worked.

Set out a plan for yourself and stick to it. Slow and steady.


OHP on Thursday


Seated DB Shoulder Press
40, 50, 60, 65, 50x10
SS with DB Lateral Raise
15, 20, 25, 25, 15x10

Giant Set
Close Grip Pulldowns
Cable Rows
BW Neutral Pull-ups
All x10x4

Rope Lat Pulldown x15
Superset with Push-up x15

Finished with 100 tri rope pulldowns, took a break around 50 and 75




Hip Belt Squats
1, 2, 3, 2. 1 plates x10
Superset with BW close stance squats x15

Leg Extension
90, 110, 130x20

Giant Set
Calf Raise 321s (3 second eccentric, 2 second hold, 1 second concentric) 60, 80, 100, 60 x12
Seated Calf Raise 45, 70, 90, 45 x12
BW calf raise til failure, failure being when I can’t stretch and fully contract, not when i bounce up and down with 300 pounds for 30 reps like people I see at the gym all the time


Supposed to do bench and film more WPU, but wife had a couple too many glasses of wine the night before and didn’t want me to bench without her so…


2 push-ups, 1 pull-up, 4 push-ups, 2 pull-ups, etc…20 push-ups, 10 pull-ups

Prowler sprints, 1 plate- high grip for 25 meters, low grip (3-4 inches off the ground) back
X5 each

Lots of calves, had to cut it short after one giant Set yesterday since the daycare ended, so I did 4 sets of standing calf raise/seated calf raises/standing B.B. calf raise


What belt do you use for hip belt squats? They are an awesome movement hey?


They are, and I’m doing them thanks to your suggestion a while back. Ever since then I’ve had them as an accessory movement and they’ve been great for loading my legs without loading my spine.

I use the leather dip belt. The time I tried the nylon hip belt it rubbed on my hip flexors every time I went down, and also I do my HB squats on fold-out platforms in the squat rack, so the weight goes between my legs and I can go ass to grass- nice for hip mobility since I squat very wide stance and it’s literally impossible to get far below parallel with my stance.


So she said “Don’t bench without me, but I’m not going”? That ain’t right.


Yeah dude. She has a sister and the two of them always talk all night and drink wine, and then she won’t get up with me in the morning.

This morning is fuckin Father’s Day, and we had a nice night last night and at about 1 am her sister calls, just when we’re settling down on the couch and getting ready to sleep, and I’m like DONT ANSWER but of course she does, so I fall asleep on the couch and she wakes me up to go upstairs at 330 am, and then this morning when she was supposed to let me sleep in, she gets up all pissy cause she didn’t get enough sleep, and I can hear her bitching and moaning downstairs so I just went down and sent her back upstairs. I’m gonna bring the kids to the gym daycare and do bench by my damn self today though. I love my wife to death but she does some stupid ass shit sometimes.

I don’t even want her speaking to this sister. Her sister has a bad drinking problem, disappeared off the face of the earth for 2 months and comes back talking about a “retreat” for work she went on, meanwhile she has a kid and a husband, so I knew immediately it was alcohol rehab she went to - which would be a GREAT thing for her, except 1. She drank the weekend after getting out of it and 2. We find out she cheated on her husband, who she’s been with for 15 years, at the retreat, then texted my wife a picture of the douchebag she cheated on him with, then continued talking to him even after she admitted it to her husband. So every day I have to hear this stupid fucking drama and it makes me so upset because her husband is the best guy in the world. He owns a restaurant and he’s gone from 6 am til 11 pm almost 7 days a week and when he gets home at 11 he still cooks for her and pampers her and every second he’s off of work is spent playing with his kid, who idolizes him. I can’t imagine what he’s going through with this shit and I don’t want to.

Sorry, I know you didn’t ask for a novella but I had to vent. When you’re greeted by a string of curses on Father’s Day because your significant other stayed up late gossiping and drinking, you get a bit short tempered.


No problem venting here, brother. I do it at work occasionally because it keeps me from saying something that will upset my wife. I’m sure some smart psychologist would tell us not to say it at all but it always makes me feel better to let it out.

I have those moments with my wife. Luckily she despises the behavior you’re talking about so I don’t have to worry about her being caught up in it too much. Her family has its own sort of drama that upsets her. My wife has trouble cutting the cord because “they’re family”. She always asked me if I could just walk away and ignore them if it was my family and say “Absolutely. Just because we’re related by blood doesn’t mean I have to put up with them and their crap.”

I choose to be close to people that I want to be around; it has nothing to do with our DNA. My wife isn’t as cut and dry as me though.

Try to burn off some steam in the gym and leave it all on the iron!