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Dodgin’ Dadbods: A Journey Back in Time (5/3/1)


5/3/1 Bench Day

Band pull aparts, band dislocations, bar x20, 135x5

I’m a dick, I loaded 215 on the bar and 195 felt so light, I just wanted to bench 2 plates again, so I took it off and just loaded 225, and got 3 reps of it - my wife was spotting and put her hand on the bar for almost half of the last rep but she took it off when I grunted disapproval.
So- 225x3. I’m gonna add 5 lbs to my training max, do all the normal progression, and have 225 as my 95% 1+ lift the next cycle. Ego sucks.

Did incline, not flat this time, as my wife was doing her 5x10 on the only remaining flat bench and we were pressed for time.
155 4x10, 135 1x10
Superset 5 slow retardedly wide grip neutral pull-ups on every set - the power rack has bars for bands on either side, so if you can imagine spanning your hands the entire width of a power rack in the neutral position.

Kroc Rows
80 lbs 4x20 ea hand, 60 lbs 1x20

Some cable Crossovers, and done. The Kroc Rows gassed me so badly. Both children are over a sickness that swept through both of them in 3 days, thank god for that. Now to be a total germophobe for the next 72 hours as I wait to see if I’ll get the sickness or not.


Good luck with steering clear of the germs, kids get that shit everywhere.


Sorry to see the ego bug got ya! I was just thinking about my training for tomorrow. I’m scheduled to do 305 on squats and I was considering doing 1 set with 315 for a triple just to beat @losthog’s double :laughing:

Now THAT is being a dick!


Now you have to record it and splice the videos so they play simultaneously side by side, except hogs ends while you complete a third rep. One can always be more of a dick.


No gym today. Was up late last night and got up with the kids this morning so the wife could sleep in and when she got up I just went right back to bed for a couple hours before work at 230. Also work is a gigantic ball buster recently - not in terms of crappy people or even necessarily workload, just the physical aspect. I engrave printing cylinders with images that are used to make packaging, flooring, and pharmaceuticals. I used to do all Phillip Morris products, Kraft, Heinz, Nabisco, McDonald’s, etc. but now I do flooring, and these cylinders are 15 feet long and up to 20 thousand pounds, plus they have to be fitted with bearings before going in the engravers, so my job involves lifting tons of heavy shit and using giant pieces of brass to beat the shit out of these things until they come into position. Lately we’ve had stuff that doesn’t fit properly so with all the shimming and improvising my hands are shaking and can’t close properly by the end of every day. Definitely feel it every morning and it’s a struggle to get to the gym. Deadlift Day is tomorrow, too. Gonna try to work on my hook grip.


Deadlift Day

Warmup hypers, BW squats, bar and 135 deadlifts

5/3/1 DL - 5/3/1 week
Had more in the tank for 285, but was my first day with hook grip and i ended up with one hand hook and one hand just holding on with just the fingers and no thumb.

185 5x10 with 5 pull-ups in between every set

Gym was so packed that every leg machine was taken up and my lower back was beginning to feel a little tight so I didn’t wanna do RDLs.

So I had the brilliant idea of doing prowler sprints. After deadlifts this is the worst fucking idea I have ever had. Did 10 sprints of 25 meters with BW squats and pushups in between every set. Threw up a little in my mouth on my way out of the gym and now I’ve been sitting here at a home in a pool of sweat trying not to vomit while my wife laughs at me.


My wife made smoothies for the kids and my 2 year old wanted me to try a sip. So I take a sip and get a big chunk in my mouth, figured it was a blueberry so I bit down. It crunches. That’s weird, blueberries don’t crunch. I pull it out of my mouth.


I spit everything in my mouth out, spit like 6 more times of just saliva and presumably earwig parts everywhere. It had apparently crawled into the straw in our drawer and I got the first sip through the straw. I will never be the same.


Hahahahaha. That is the funnest shit evra :joy::joy::joy:


Best fucking workout in so long.

OHP 5/3/1 3x5 week, cycle 2, new TM- 160
Warmup lots of band work and presses with the bar

Man this felt light…

95, 105, 115, 105, 85x10
Did the last two sets with an underhand Grip, woo boy the pump was real.

I went to go do my weighted pull-ups, but the rack where I always do them which has wide neutral grip handles was taken up, so I used underhand Grip on the pull-up bar on top of the cable station. Underhand is by far my best pull-up grip but I haven’t used it in FOREVER.
BWx20! Holy shit this was easy I had like 5 more in the tank no problem, and after doing shoulders no less.
+90x3 another recent PR
Dropped all the weight and hopped back up after like 45 sec rest
BWx17! As a cool down. Good lawdddd it was sick.

Finished with lateral raises, cable pulldowns and pushups.


Awesome pull-up session. I have jealously burning in my guts to do such…


My mom came to visit my wife and I and the kids for a few days. She ends up going to bed early so we always surrender our bed upstairs in order to stay up later and chill. This leads to me sleeping on a couch or an air mattress and waking up with serious back pain. First squat day after this didn’t go so well but I powered through.

Band work, walking on treadmill, BW squats, squats with bar, 95x15

155x5, 170x5, 185x8

135 5x10 did all pause squats, 2 seconds in the hole

Leg Extension 5x20 90, 110, 130, 130, 70

Weighted lunges, calves, dorsiflexion, BW squats


Bench yesterday

Warmup band work, bar x 30

160x5, 180x5, 200x9

Incline bench 5x10 155

Weighted Pull-ups 5x5 BW+45, cooldown with BWx20

Cable Crossovers, push-ups, some tricep work

Wife benched 95lbs for 6 reps yesterday. Very proud.


Drank some gin yesterday for Memorial Day. And by some gin, I mean my wife and I polished off a bottle while eating steak, bison burgers, and salmon off the grill. Feeling it today, she was too hungover for the gym but I powered through.

OHP day
Warmup with band work, dislocations, push-ups, arm circles, presses with bar

Man, on my first rep of the heavy set I just didn’t think about bar speed at all and did like a 5 second concentric rep. The rest of the reps did NOT come easy and my head throbbed every time I pressed up.

Seated concentric shoulder press off pins at collarbone height
95 5x10
Superset with
Snatch Grip High Pulls
95 5x10

Killer shoulder circuit…at this point I started to yawn really frequently.

BW overhand wide grip with 2 second dead hang x10
Heavy sets of cable rows in between every set

Straight bar triceps extensions superset with close grip knuckle pushups


Squat Day
Warmup walking, BW squats, lunges, jumping squats, bar, 95, 135x5

5/3/1 3x3+ Squats
200x8 gosh these felt easy

155 5x10

185 5x10
Superset with lunges

Leg extension burnout started at 170, did max reps and dropped 20 lbs all the way down to 30 doing max reps the whole time

Hobbled out of the gym. My wife’s squats are looking great. Also, there’s a girl who comes with her husband frequently, she’s pretty strong and obviously into powerlifting but she is so fucking loud and annoying, always dictating proper form at the top of her lungs while everyone tries to ignore her. So she’s all talking about bench form and how strong she is and how to use leg drive to this poor random guy who obviously wants to work out, and she loads up 115 on the bar, unracks it with a “WHOOF” loud enough to hear across the gym, drops it down to her chest and gets FUCKING BURIED UNDER IT while a couple of the other gym goers run to her aid, which she refuses as she rolls the bar down to her hips and does a painful sit-up. I certainly didn’t wish harm on her but considering she was okay and only suffered a bruised ego, it was as if the gods of lifting hurled a hundred-pound thunderbolt at her during her descent and it was pure justice.


Yesterday - bench day
Warmup with lots of band work and pushups

Face pulls between every set

5x10 incline DB 50, 60, 70, 80x6 dropped to 60x4, 60x10
More face pulls between every set

Pull ups superset with cable crossovers

Curls superset with diamond pushup


Conditioning Day

Found an article with complexes and tried one

Using 95 lbs BB:

Romanian Deadlifts
Bent over Rows
Power Cleans
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Good mornings

6 reps of each without dropping the BB, then 90 sec rest, then 5 of each, 90 sec rest, 4 reps, etc. Down to 1. Pretty brutal.

Finished with calves, lateral delts and some overhead snatch grips walks with 95 lbs, these were tough and felt great for my shoulders.


Deadlift Day

Warmup lots of band work, squats, light RDLs


185 5x10

Hook grip is starting to make a nice callus on my thumbs.

Single Leg ham curls 45x5x10
Superset every set with an RDL where I hold the bottom position and do a row before coming back up, 135x5x8

Had to go early, lots of stuff to do before work.


8.5 pull-ups at +45 BW. I really can’t super dead hang with my palms supinated, it messes with my shoulder for some reason. Should have done them neutral grip, and this was right after a set of 145x6 overhead presses so I felt pretty weak but good news - the next video can shit on this one.


Impressive man!


OHP day yesterday

115, 130x3, 145x6

95, 105, 115, 95, 95x10

BWx10, 10, 10

Side delt cable raises
Side delt DB Raise
SGHP 135 3x10


Before I get into my workout:
Have a question.

So I was at the DMV with my wife to do a title transfer of one of our cars to her name. We had to bring our 3 and 1 year olds along with us. There was virtually nobody in there (seriously like 10 people I swear it was the emptiest I have ever seen a DMV) and my kids are used to going to the gym daycare at that time so they were a little on the hyper side. Not screaming or really even making noise but kind of wandering up and down the floor, not talking to people either but we were trying to keep them with us and they just wouldn’t sit still. The security guard made one comment like “okay, go back to daddy now” when the 1 year old went up to him and offered him the toy he was holding, so we brought them back to our seats and a minute later they ran off again. The security guard came up to us and said “I see you’re trying to keep them with you but the running around has to stop.” I didn’t really take offense, my wife almost lost her shit but I sent her outside with the kids to take a walk around the building while I waited, and she did.

In the car afterwards, she was ranting and raving about the guard, and I don’t know - it’s technically a government building and I understand as a security guard you have to be vigilant, so I guess I wasn’t angry enough, which pissed my wife off more perhaps. As I think about it more, the place WAS virtually empty, they never screamed or yelled once, and didn’t really bother anyone, plus they’re 1 and 3…dude was like 60+ years old I’m sure he must understand how kids can be. Was he a bit out of line? Or just business? What do you guys think?

Did the BB complex again with more weight;

Deadlift, RDL, Row, power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, good morning for 6 reps, 90 sec rest, 5 reps, 90 sec rest, 4 reps, etc…1 rep. With 105 pounds this time. I think I’ll skip the 5 lb increases and try with 135 next time, although it’s pretty painful right now so who knows.