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Dodgin’ Dadbods: 5/3/1 SVR II

Just keeping my once-a-week (or every couple weeks) update thing going. A&P II is quite more in-depth than the first one was. Should get my acceptance letter to the school of nursing, provided I got in, in the next couple weeks. Just beasted a test on the autonomic nervous system, special senses, and the endocrine system today, and dissected a cow eye last weekend, with my youngest son watching. After I had taken it completely apart I let him glove up and poke around with it, take the retina out, etc. I love dissections and have a few more to do this semester, so he’ll be watching when I do 'em.

Training-wise my running is where it needs to be, my biking is where it needs to be, and I’m pretty sure my swimming is okay but I’m gonna go swim a mile tomorrow and just keep at a 2x/week swim pace.

Today was a good gym day too -
Did a giant set of:
Incline dumbbell press with the 75s for 4x12
Lat Pulldowns at 16 on the stack for 4x12
Max set of pushups x4
Max set of pullups x4

Then 4x25 of muscle power cleans with 85 pounds - just the barbell and a couple 10s on either side - and 0 technique, just from hip to overhead in one, ugly motion, and in between every set I did 15 jump squats.

Finished with 10 minutes on the assault bike just going as fast and hard as I possibly could.

Honestly - it doesn’t read like much, but it took a lot out of me and went well. I really miss following a program and can’t wait to again, but I also love just walking into a well-stocked mostly empty gym and just creating something to beat myself up with.

By the way, I watched the LEGO Batman movie with my kid, which honestly might be the best batman movie, and I figured @T3hPwnisher would appreciate the quote from the character that Rosario Dawson does the voice acting for: "I’m not a Batman hater, but we don’t need an unsupervised adult man karate chopping poor people in a Halloween costume.”


I could not agree more. It’s such a fantastic movie.



Slept in ultra ultra late due to first day alone with no kiddos, 'twas amazing, can’t wait to do it again in another several years, haha.

Did hams

Single leg plate-loaded leg curls for 4 sets of 15
Single leg SLDL’s holding a 50# db for 4 sets of 12

GHR negatives as low as I can get them - 4x5
Roman chair hyperextensions (ham focused) 4x25

10 minutes of lunges

Giant set
Donkey calf raises 110 3x20
Seated calf raises 90 3x20
Tibialis curls 50 3x30

Wow, those fucking lunges. I used to be able to go almost nonstop for the 10 minutes. NOT the case anymore. Gotta bring them back, such a great way to get some leg work in. Another great one I used to do was sprinting a quarter mile, lunging a quarter mile, jogging a quarter mile, walking a quarter mile at a high school quarter-mile track.

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