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Dodgin’ Dadbods: 5/3/1 SVR II

35 mile ride.

By the way, I haven’t timed or thermometer’d a steak in forever - all just by feel, and it’s like second nature to me. Check out these grass fed dry-aged NY strips, along with potatoes that I boiled before coating them in rendered duck fat and roasted to perfection:

Just look at that edge to edge perfection. Even butter basted these bad boys a teeny bit before taking them out of the skillet.

By the way, @anna_5588 would probably appreciate the duck fat more than anyone:

Simmered the duck fat with minced garlic, fresh rosemary and parsley and black pepper until the garlic was just golden brown, strained out the aromatics and tossed the freshly boiled potato chunks in it, and added the strained aromatics back after roasting.


Nice work of the steak and taters mate. Now I am hungry, thanks.


I am stuffed beyond comprehension, as is always the case when I smother carbs in fat and top it off with a hunk of fatty protein.


you know me too well… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Little bro LOVES roasated potatoes so I’ve made a bunch over the past year and a half. I’ve tried butter ,olive oil, canola oil, blending olive oil with butter or canola oil, lard (rendered from pork belly), bacon fat, rendered lamb fat and duck fat (rendered from when dad made duck stir fry). OF all the various fats/blends, duck fat produced by far the crispiest, most flavourful potatoes. All hail duck fat!

How are you cooking these steaks? I don’t have the ability to BBQ right now, so I’ve been pan frying or grilling mine, but I just cannot get that beautiful char on the outside. All I do is smoke the shit out of my kitchen.

What pan are you using? How thick are the steaks?

Usually, either our basic non-stick frying pan, or our Rock grill/griddle. We have a cast iron frying pan, but that thing makes way more smoke than either of the former.

The steaks are usually around 3/4” thick.

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@flappinit correct me if any of this is wrong.

First, it’s difficult to get the char without a grill regardless of pan or technique.

Second, I’d definitely go with the cast iron since idk if 3/4 in is thick enough to warrant using the oven.

Third. I’d suggest not turning up the heat too high when searing (unless using the oven). Excessive smoke probably means that the fat is too hot. not good. Caramelization is quite a slow process so suing a more medium high heat would probably be better. A nonstick pan won’t tolerate this.
Also, don’t sear in butter, you add that later (and baste). Butter has higher moisture content than other fats, which prevents a nice crust


Man, I’m so glad to see all this. Great stuff.
Love the insight into your life story. That look through the rearview mirror is awesome and you absolutely deserve the pat on the back!

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@anna_5588 is pretty spot on about all that stuff.

The cast iron frying pan is the way to get that sear. Non-stick pans are not thick enough - they can get hot, but the meat, even at room temperature, can cool them down enough to ruin the sear. Nothing holds heat and maintains it like a cast iron pan. Also, yes - high heat is not necessary. I have an electric stove and it’s at a 6.0/10 when I sear these. Use canola oil for the initial cook (high smoke point), and use VERY LITTLE of it, just enough to coat the pan. I actually used canola spray for those.

You will be VERY surprised at the char you can get if you heat a cast iron pan up on just over medium heat for 10 minutes, until a layer of canola oil starts to smoke, vs. nuking it on high heat and ending up with a raw inside or a deep char.

Once you get a nice char with that lesser heat, you know it’s only a couple minutes of turning and basting until it’s ready to come off and sit for a little bit. My steaks are never less than an inch thick, so you may only need 5 minutes, but you should take note of how my plate looks. Those steaks were marbled to SHIT - many might expect to see a ridiculous amount of juice on my plate, but you’ll see there’s virtually nothing on my plate. That’s because most of the juice was reabsorbed into the steak during resting (some was left on the cutting board obviously, but it doesn’t pour out when you cut into it, and it shouldn’t).

I love a BBQ’d steak, but you can get one just as good, if not better tasting, inside. It’s a tough transition from the grill life though.


I used a oven for the steaks I cooked for Independence Day. 2 minute each side on a steel pan heated as hot as I’m comfortable doing and then ~13 min in the oven. Perfect medium rare as far as I can tell; probably needed a minute or two less in the oven if you wanted it a bit rarer.

Char is no where as good as on a grill and the first steak is slightly burnt on some parts, but overall it is ok if you’re not a perfectionist. Definitely noticed a difference in taste vs the one we grilled two years ago- grill tastes 12/10 while these tasted 9/10.

You will smoke the shit out of your house though; best disconnect your fire alarm.


Nice. Yeah, the stovetop + oven combo is great - with a cast iron skillet you can even just put the skillet in the oven and cook it in that. You can even do what a lot of restaurants do, and do a reverse sear, where you cook them for like 40 minutes or more at 200 degrees, getting a super light cook all the way through, and then sear them afterwards, and you don’t have to let them rest nearly as long that way either.

So many ways to steak!


It’s my go to since I don’t have a cast iron.

My HS science lab had 2 waterbaths. I really regret not using them more

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I didn’t log my last upper body workout, but it was a whole lot of pushups, incline, barbell rows, and some shoulder work. Spent yesterday at the Chesapeake bay in a resort with a couple friends of mine who invited us there. My kids must have spent 9 hours in the water. It’s this super cool little stretch of bay where, no shit, 100 yards out into the water, it’s still waist deep. So the kids can go out as far as they want and be fine. My friend wrapped deer tenderloin chunks, jalapenos, and water chestnuts in bacon and grilled them, along with chicken wings, and I grilled steak and jalapeno poppers, and we just ate, swam, and bullshitted all day. Hit a 20 mile ride today, and have a 30 miler tomorrow. Swimming at 5 am will happen wednesday, and then a run after work. Application for nursing school is sent in, just waiting on my acceptance about halfway through August. Life is good.


I want a sous vide. Unfortunately, with a pressure cooker and air fryer, I’m running out of space for this stuff. I also want an electric griddle too.


I want a Ninja Foodie

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I want a big commercial kitchen that is nothing but stainless steel prep surfaces and every cooking gadget known to man. An industrial Kitchen aide mixer, a vertical rotisserie (gyros)… I’ll stop now.


As much as I love gadgetry, I also love the challenge of improvisation. It’s how I started


fixed that for you LOL

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I don’t know, my mouth is the only hole I’ve tried thus far…

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